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Timeshare Organizations

American Resort Developers Association (ARDA)

ARDA is not just an association of developers, but is an organization made up of many different facets of the timeshare industry; suppliers, vendors, exchange companies, etc. Its members must adhere to a stringent code of ethics and conduct business in an honest manner and according to the law. ARDA engages in extensive education and lobbying efforts around the United States to promote the industry and protect consumers. Timeshare Broker Associates is a broker member of ARDA and supports the work of ARDA-ROC.

Canadian Resort Developers Association (CRDA)

Just like ARDA, CRDA is also an association of industry-related members in Canada.

National Timeshare Owners Association (NTOA)

Like its name suggests, the NTOA is a national organization of timeshare owners. While the NTOA does work with groups such as ARDA and CRDA, it is focused on supporting the timeshare owner. The NTOA supports legislation backing consumer protection, is actively involved in identifying fraud on the resale market and addressing issues with resorts and developers to enhance a timeshare owner’s experience. Timeshare Broker Associates recommends membership in this fine organization for every timeshare owner.

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