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    Sell Timeshare Points

    Timeshare points are very popular because of the flexibility offered to owners. Points are purchased and act as a type of vacation currency, where they are used to book vacations at a “home” resort or from a selection of resorts within a program’s Club network such as WorldMark. They can be deeded to a specific timeshare resort, which gives an owner home resort privileges, or non-deeded, whereby they are used easily to stay in any resort within a given resort network.

    Because this is an ownership product, using timeshare points are different than points issued through hotel loyalty programs. This is why owners can sell timeshare points whereas points awarded through hotel loyalty programs cannot be sold.

    Several advantages come with timeshare points:

    1)  Use points for multiple, shorter stay getaways.

    2)  Owners can borrow from future points allotments or roll over unused points for future use. 

    3)  Built in internal exchange network of resorts to provide additional vacation options.

    4)  No extra fees when using points within the Club network.

    To find out more about the benefits of timeshare points, or the best way to sell points, fill out the form on our page and a licensed agent will reach out to you as soon as they can. Meanwhile, below are some of the most popular points programs. 

    How Do Timeshare Points Work?

    Timeshare points are issued by a resort or management company such as Club Wyndham or Disney Vacation Club to allow owners to use those points to take vacations. Because owners purchase an allotment of points, they are generally given an online account to manage the use of those points. Therefore, for ways to use timeshare points, owners should generally:

    • Check their online account to make sure their points are active and available for use.
    • Make sure you have the right number of points remaining in your account.
    • Search for the destination and resort in the network to check availability for your preferred vacation dates.
    • Check for the amount of points needed for your preferred unit type. More points are needed for high demand seasons and larger unit layouts.
    • If you have enough points for your preferred resort and vacation dates, make the booking in the system and make sure you receive a confirmation that your choice is confirmed.
    • You may also want to check with the resort directly to ensure that they have your booking on file.

    Some of the more popular timeshare points resorts include:

    • Worldmark The Club – Worldmark credits are a favorite for their ease of use and choice of 95 resorts in the club. If you own Worldmark credits and want to sell your points, we can help. Because WorldMark is part of Wyndham, our status as a Featured Reseller for Wyndham gives you an advantage when working with us. Look for the best deals on Worldmark timeshare resales.
    • Disney Vacation Club – Another great points program. Even though Disney does not have a large selection of resorts, the points may be used for a variety of resorts at the theme parks within the Disney network - great news for Disney fans. DVC members often rave about their excellent customer service. Check out amazing deals on Disney timeshare resales.
    • Hilton Grand Vacation Club – Hilton is one of the top names in travel. Therefore it should be no surprise they also have one of the top timeshare points-based programs in the industry. Hilton spares no expense when it comes to quality and this is evident in the 3600 locations available to owners. Fabulous deals are available on Hilton timeshare resales.
    • Marriott Vacation Club – with nearly 70 timeshare resorts spread across North America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Australia, you have a fantastic selection of destinations for your next vacation. Destination Points are the way to go, and you can find great deals here on Marriott Destinations points for sale.

    Timeshare Broker Associates, LLC is a great source for timeshare points on the resale market. If you want to buy or sell timeshare points, we can help make it possible. Request more information on our services by contacting us or calling us at 877-624-6889.

    Timeshare Points FAQs

    How to Use Timeshare Resale Points

    In most cases, timeshare resale points function the same as timeshare points sold directly from the resort. There may be some benefits that do not transfer, such as certain merchandizing discounts for DVC points owners, but the thousands of dollars saved mor than outweigh the supposed benefits. Once the points are transferred to the name of the resale buyer, the new owner should confirm their ownership with the resort and confirm access to their online account. From there, they will be able to use their timeshare points to book resort stays, and even sell timeshare points if they choose to do so.    

    How to Sell Timeshare Points

    Owners can sell timeshare points the same way they can sell traditional timeshare, especially since many points programs involve deeded ownership. Once an owner chooses to sell, they should contact a licensed timeshare resale broker, since broker agents in most states are the only ones who can legally price points for the timeshare resale market, along with the owner and the resort. Brokers operate on a no upfront fee basis, so they will promote, negotiate and process the paperwork for a sale while working on commission like a traditional real estate agent.  

    Benefits of Selling Timeshare Points

    The obvious benefit of selling timeshare points is making money and recouping some of your initial outlay from buying those points in the first place. You will also be free of those maintenance fees and annual club dues that are associated with timeshare points, so your legal obligation to the timeshare company will cease once the points are sold.

    Buy Timeshare Points

    Timeshare points are renowned for their flexibility and provide a much more robust way of seeing the world than traditional timeshare ownership. Consumers who buy timeshare points on the resale market are in a great place, since they save thousands of dollars compared to buying timeshare points directly from the resort or timeshare company. Savings can add up to 60 percent compared to resort prices because there are no marketing costs or sales commissions to pay like you would at the resort.

    Buy or Sell Timeshare Points

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