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Timeshare Points

Timeshare points based ownerships are very popular because of the options offered to owners. It is extremely easy to book vacations at affiliate resorts and reserve different sized units based on the vacation needs. Owners can borrow from future points or roll over unused points for future use. This type of ownership is similar to a conventional timeshare, except it also has a built in exchange network of resorts to provide additional options with no extra fees.

Some of the more popular timeshare points resorts include:

  • Worldmark The Club – Worldmark credits are a favorite for their ease of use and choice of 60 resorts in the club. If you own Worldmark credits and want to sell or rent unused points, we can help. We have a special program that can help get you cash for your unused credits! We can even help get your maintenance fees caught up if you have fallen behind on your payments. Buyers can find a great deal on Worldmark timeshare resales.
  • Disney Vacation Club – Another great points program. Even though Disney does not have a large selection of resorts, the points may be used for a variety of perks, including cruises, golfing and theme parks. DVC members often rave about their excellent customer service. Buyers can find a great deal on Disney timeshare resales
  • Hilton Grand Vacation Club – Hilton is one of the top names in travel. Therefore it should be no surprise they also have one of the top points-based programs in the industry. Hilton spares no expense when it comes to quality and this is evident in the 3600 locations available to owners. Buyers can find a great deal on Hilton timeshare resales
  • Diamond Resorts International – There are over 220 branded and affiliated resorts in 28 countries available in their network. This makes for plenty of options available to Diamond owners.

Timeshare Broker Associates, LLC is a great source for timeshare points resales and rentals. If you want to buy, rent or sell timeshare points, we can help make it possible. Request more information on our services by contacting us or calling us at 877-624-6889.

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