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California Timeshare

California is one of the most extraordinary places on Earth. From Redwood forests, the tallest trees in the world that were alive before the Great Pyramids of Egypt were built, to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, there is something for everyone with a California timeshare.

World-class wineries in Napa-Sonoma, magnificent granite cliffs cut by glaciers in Yosemite and some of the best beaches and surfing in the world are just a few of the natural wonders available to visitors. California is also famous for exciting entertainment at Disneyland, Universal Studios and other theme parks. If.... Read More

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you own a California timeshare, you may take a vacation every year and still not see it all.

The two major cities, Los Angeles and San Francisco, couldn’t be more different. San Francisco was the epitome of a Wild West town that just got bigger during the gold rush of 1849. With the advent of the railroad, fortunes were made and lost overnight. Los Angeles was a sleepy town with access to the 29 famous Spanish Missions from the 18th century that still exists today. Not until the movies arrived in the early 20th century searching for continuous good weather did it become the place to be for the entertainment industry. Even to this day, when it rains in Southern California, some consider it a natural disaster.

Magnificent Natural Beauty

If you like the beauty of stark rock formations, you may visit Death Valley - the lowest place on Earth where the rocks “walk” across the desert. If alpine beauty is your favorite, a California timeshare in the western Sierra Nevada mountains opens you to crystal clear lakes, wilderness hikes and Lake Tahoe, just minutes from the excitement and live entertainment of the Nevada casinos. The eastern Sierras offer high desert where you can help herd horses in the summer to their high grazing ground for the enjoyment of tourists and herd them back to the warmer places for the winter.

For a wide selection of championship golf course, try Palm Springs. If you want a trendy and edgy music festival, try Coachella or if you want to climb the highest mountain in the contiguous United States, it’s Mount Whitney.

Excellent Accommodation Choices

Buying a California timeshare could be the best decision you ever make. It guarantees you affordable accommodation wherever in California you choose to vacation. There is no slow season in the state as every moment has its advantages. From world-class skiing, hiking and mountain biking, surfing and other water sports or visiting the stark beauty of the high desert, no one gets bored.

A California timeshare is a gold mine in itself. You can trade it for just about any vacation destination in the world and have your first–class accommodation already paid for when you’re ready to take it.