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Indiana Timeshare

Indiana is famous for the sporting event with the most attendance in the world in the Indianapolis 500 race, but it has a lot more to offer visitors from beautiful state parks to a rockin’ nightlife in the capital city. Buying an Indiana timeshare resale puts you in the vicinity of the races and some of the country’s best golf courses for a significantly reduced price than staying in a hotel.

The state is also home to the largest children’s museum in the world. Indiana is also the home of the third-largest collection of Amish inhabitants in the U.S., where you can step back.... Read More

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in time and shop for extraordinary handmade products and eat some fantastic food.

Where to Visit with an Indiana Timeshare

The northwest and the southwest are the places to go for outdoor recreation. In the northwest, where steel was king, it took several decades to establish the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and Indiana Dunes State Park on Lake Michigan, but it is well worth a visit. The water is crystal clear, the dunes are huge and amazing and there fascinating local wetlands full of wildlife.

In the southwest, there are forests and hills with amazing caves. The George Rogers Cark National Historical Park, a tribute to a Revolutionary War hero, is a relaxing place to walk and picnic on the banks of the Wabash River, the longest river in Indiana. The park also has a magnificent monument and statue as well as several history exhibits.

The southwest is also home to the Lincoln Boyhood National Monument where you will find historical re-enactments by costumed actors during the warmer months as well as picnic areas and hiking trails.

Experience Indy

Considered a sleepy town in decades past, Indianapolis is anything but sleepy today. It is home to some excellent restaurants, art galleries, museums and an amazing night scene - a great location for an Indiana timeshare. One of the top urban pedestrian and bike paths in the country is the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. It takes you past five historical and cultural districts and is bordered by green spaces, public art and stunning gardens. It is an easy eight-mile walk taken by millions of people every year. Kids love it, dogs love it and sports-fans love it because it leads to Colts or Pacers games.

The Children’s Museum is one of the city’s top attractions with a huge dinosaur collection including the Dracorex hogwartsia of Harry Potter fame. Another place kids love is the Rhythm Discovery Center where they can bang away to their heart’s content on all sorts of percussion instruments.

Parents enjoy the huge selection of craft breweries all over the state that offer tasting as well as the magnificent Indianapolis Museum of Art. Owning an Indiana timeshare is the most cost-effective way to enjoy everything the state has to offer.