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Iowa Timeshare

Bordered by two mighty rivers, Iowa is not all about corn and comfort food. It has several fascinating sights to see and things to do, from the extraordinary Effigy Mounds National Monument to the Grotto of the Redemption as well as world-famous annual events. Owning an Iowa timeshare provides you and your family with a vacation home without the hassle and worry of upkeep.

Iowa has some great outdoor recreation opportunities in 99 parks throughout the state. The Iowa Great Lakes in the northwestern part of the state and Backbone State Park in the northeast offer kayaking, fishing, hiking trails.... Read More

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and incredible caves. If white water is your passion White Water Park in Charles City offers playable multiple rivers flows for various skill levels. You can tube, paddleboard or kayak the racing river water.

If you are looking for more urban experience from your Iowa timeshare you won’t be disappointed with Des Moines with its local craft breweries and the Des Moines Art Festival.

Iconic Field of Dreams

One world-famous place is the Field of Dreams movie location. Located in Dyersville, it is a much-loved landmark. It’s free to visit and hosts baseball and softball games throughout the year.

The Effigy Mounds National Monument contains more than 200 prehistoric burial mounds but the difference between these mounds and the many others in the state is the shape. Each one is shaped like an animal - mostly bears and birds. It is located on the eastern border of the state.

The Grotto of the Redemption in West Bend may be a religious site, but it is a unique attraction that anyone can appreciate. It has nine separate grottos that were built with precious stones by one man over his lifetime. Just as you would visit a cathedral in Europe, this is right here in Iowa.

Unique to Iowa

When you own an Iowa timeshare, you can check out many of the amazing events presented each year. The hotel prices may rise during the time of these events, but that won’t affect you because you will have already paid for your accommodation. One of the most famous is the Register’s Annual Bike Race Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) a week-long bicycle race from the Mississippi River in the east to the Missouri River in the west. Thousands of cyclists join the competition but there is also live music, events and a great experience for the audience.

For a more relaxing time, the Amana Colonies of Eastern Iowa is made up of seven villages where you can step into the past. Combined they are a National Historic Landmark and provide interactive activities, restaurants and shopping. Another historical experience in Iowa is the Living History Farms that include Native American lifestyles.