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Kentucky Timeshare Resales

Kentucky is the Bluegrass State not just because of the gorgeous fields where racehorses roam, but also for the unique type of music. It is a great place to own a Kentucky timeshare and take advantage of all the entertainment and recreation in the state.

The Kentucky Derby is a world-famous horse race in Lexington in May, and there are numerous parks where you will find caves, hiking trails, rock climbing and much more from your Kentucky timeshare.

Louisville is the home of the Louisville Slugger, the baseball bat used by many of the greats of the game. The factory looks ordinary.... Read More

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except for the 120-foot replica of Babe Ruth’s Louisville Slugger leaning against the wall.

Amazing National Parks

Daniel Boone National Park is more than 708,000 acres of natural wonders. You will find natural bridges, bizarre sandstone rick formations, hiking trails, steams and cliffs, gorges and ravines throughout the park. Another popular area for outdoor recreation is Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. Located in southeastern Kentucky, it is a deep cut through the mountains that pioneers used to travel west. You can take tours of caves and mountain tops.

Mammoth Cave National Park has the largest cave in the world with 400 miles of passages that we know of. Some of the famous rock formations are the Frozen Niagara, the Ruins of Karnak and the Snowball Dining Room. In the park, you can also go swimming, kayaking, bicycling, hiking and horseback riding. Lost River Cave is another amazing cave where you can take a boat tour of the huge cave.

Take a Taste

Along with spectacular outdoor possibilities, a Kentucky timeshare also takes you to bourbon country. Parents may enjoy a tasting tour on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail of distilleries and restaurants where they serve bourbon-infused dishes. There is also an impressive list of wineries and breweries to visit.

Historical sites include the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park. It is a neo-classical granite construction with a replica of the one-room cabin where the 16th president was born. You may also visit the Muhammad Ali Center that celebrates his life work as a legendary humanitarian. There are films about his early years as the three-time Heavyweight Champion of the World as well as interactive exhibits on his work during the Civil Rights era.

You may want to make it a point to plan your stay in your Kentucky timeshare during one of the dozens of Bluegrass music festival throughout the state. Great music, tasty street food and much more.

Kentucky is a year-round vacation destination with most of the action taking place in the spring, summer and fall. The hotel prices will go up at that time but for Kentucky timeshare owners, this is not a problem.