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New Mexico Timeshare

New Mexico has a wealth of Native American, Spanish and Mexican culture that make it stand out from the other states of the U.S. It has magnificent natural beauty and a world-famous arts scene centered around Santa Fe – perfect for a New Mexico timeshare.

The most popular place for visitors is Taos, located in the southernmost end of the Rocky Mountains. It not only has spectacular scenic beauty, but it also has several world-famous ski resorts, an art scene and fantastic food. Taos is also the home of the Taos Pueblo, the oldest dwelling in the U.S. that has been continuously occupied..... Read More

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It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Taos would be a great place to own a New Mexico timeshare, but there is much more to see and do.

Explore the Land of Enchantment

There are many good reasons New Mexico is called the Land of Enchantment with the spectacular natural wonders. Starting with Carlsbad Caverns National park, you can tour this ancient place, the multiple tunnels and caves. For a day trip from your New Mexico timeshare, the White Sands National Monument in the southern part of the state is also a stunning landscape with shining white gypsum dunes surrounded by majestic mountains. In the northwest corner, there are sandstone monuments that resemble Monument Valley in Utah.

Albuquerque is a fascinating city and has a world-famous International Balloon Fiesta in the fall. It’s the largest in the world with more than 500 colorful balloons participating. History is well represented in New Mexico at Bandelier National Monument with dramatic volcanic rock formations and the habitat of the Pueblo people who lived there from 1150 to 1600. Some of the dwellings were built from masonry and some carved from the volcanic rock.

In Search of UFOs

One place children love is the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell. It doesn’t promote conspiracy theories but allows you to draw your conclusions from the UFO documents and eyewitness reports from around the world. Children also enjoy the interactive museum Meow Wolf where you can take a mystery tour and see amazing art installations.

New Mexico has one-of-a-kind restaurants that serve everything from farm to table comfort food at Dr. Field Goods to the Anasazi Restaurant and Bar, Inn of the Anasazi.

Best Time for Visiting

For cooler weather, September to November is the best time to visit New Mexico and the spring may also be cooler, but if you are looking for festivals, fall is the winner. If you are looking for casinos you won’t be disappointed, but Albuquerque has the largest casino in the state.

Owning a New Mexico timeshare is a good choice if you love to travel and consider it an important part of your lifestyle. You can trade your timeshare for a comparable one at many other destinations or enjoy a vacation in the amazing state of New Mexico every year.