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Oregon Timeshare

An Oregon timeshare opens up a world of experiences across this diverse and fascinating state, offering you a choice of the urban, the mountainous, and the coastal all in one place.

Crater Lake National Park is one of the top vacation destinations in Oregon. The best time to visit is during the summer when you can drive along Rim Drive and see the ancient caldera-turned-lake surrounded by forests and hiking trails. Multnomah Falls and the Columbia River Gorge are easy day trips from Portland so you can enjoy a mixture of rugged hiking and backpacking with your urban adventures when you have an.... Read More

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Oregon timeshare. And if you need some retail therapy during your trip, you'll appreciate that Oregon is one of the few states in the US not to charge a sales tax.

Portland also has top-ten nightlife ratings according to many travel sites. The state's rich craft brewery scene, the abundance of wineries, and culture of encouraging fun, music, and dancing after hours make it a great choice if you don't want your fun to end at sundown.

Very Family Friendly

Yet if you are looking for a family destination, Oregon also has you covered. Not only does its rich interior offer bountiful hikes and scenery that can be loved by any age group, but the coastline also has many small towns and attractions that are fun for kids. Whale watching, beaches, swimming, and boating are all family-friendly and easy to find with a coastal Oregon timeshare.

The Oregon Trail and related historic sites are another adult and kid-friendly outing. Many people grew up playing the game on their computers and will enjoy seeing the Willamette Valley firsthand, especially when they discover the breathtaking wineries, cycling tours, and even the wagon ruts still visible at many Oregon state parks. Those provide a thoughtful reminder of the settlers who came into this area and are nicely balanced by the Native American cultural centers telling the stories of the first people who called this beautiful state home.

Best Time to Visit

If you are a warm-weather traveler, the peak summer tourist season is going to be the best time to visit your Oregon timeshare. You'll find many outdoor music venues, wine tastings, and hikes available from spring through fall, although the busiest months for tourism tend to be July and August. January through March is moderately popular, especially for winter sports enthusiasts who come looking for the best places to play in the snow that falls heavily in the mountains from December through March. By contrast, October through December tends to be the slowest months for tourism and so you may find some great deals although the weather is less than ideal for either winter or summer sports.