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South Dakota Timeshare

South Dakota is full of natural beauty, and visitors will leave with memories of canyons, pine forests, and other-worldly rock formations. The city of Sioux Falls is of historical importance, and the amazing state and national parks are among the most scenic in the country – perfect for a South Dakota timeshare getaway.

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Best South Dakota Attractions

The Black Hills in the western portion of the state are a huge draw. Here you will see the famous Mount Rushmore, the town of Deadwood, and the highest point in the state, Harney Peak. In Deadwood, you and your family will be treated to the finest Old West shows in the nation. You'll visit the historic Mount Moriah Cemetery and view the final resting place of Wild Bill Hickok and other famous outlaws.

Wind Cave National Park is thought to contain the world's largest karstic cave system. These boxwork caves constantly draw in air through openings in the ground and channel it out through others, creating the wind effect. Guided cave tours are offered year-round. Nearby is the famous Badlands National Park. A large depression in the land created millions of years ago, this park features incredible pinnacles and cliffs formed by sand erosion.

Custer State Park covers a wide range of terrain and teems with animals. You may get a glimpse of the nearly extinct ferret, and you'll see herds of bison. The park is also full of biking and hiking trails.

If your South Dakota timeshare is in Sioux Falls, visit the famed Old Courthouse Museum, built in the 1800s and made of quartzite. Take a day trip to De Smet and see the Silver Lake area, particularly “Little Town on the Prairie”, the home site of then-teenager Laura Ingalls and her family.

When to Visit

You can enjoy South Dakota at any time of the year, but remember that winter winds can create extreme wind chill factor. Fall is an especially wonderful time to see the state and national parks because of the changing color of the foliage. Summer is the best time to explore the forests and mountain areas.

Stay at an upscale resort complex or a rustic forest retreat. You can get a great deal on a timeshare suite or mountain cabin chalet-style accommodation by viewing the available South Dakota timeshares for sale. You may find timeshares for RV parks and campgrounds as well.

Enjoy your visit to the wonderful state of South Dakota. Experience the real American West, and when you return home, be prepared to feel the urge to visit again year after year.