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Washington Timeshare

A Washington timeshare offers you the opportunity to experience your favorite part of Washington State during your favorite time of year. Whether your idyllic trip includes downhill skiing in the Cascades, whale watching off the coast, or an urban experience in Seattle, a timeshare vacation will get you there with the least hassle and the most fun.

Top attractions and experiences are as varied as the sights and sounds of this state. Central and western Washington State is a backpacker's paradise with rugged Pacific Northwest countryside, mountains, and also the only temperate rainforest in.... Read More

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the lower 48 States. Mount Rainier and Olympic National Parks are within a day's travel of Seattle, so you can easily experience both the park and cityscapes during your Washington timeshare vacation. On the water, boating, fishing, and whale watching are all top experiences. Whales migrate off the coast from April through September.

Emerging Wine Region

Wineries are a popular destination for couples and adults traveling together in Washington. The state is home to several top wineries so you can easily find a Washington timeshare experience that includes visits to local wine tastings, or a craft brewery. The Seattle nightlife is alive and well, with your pick of nightclubs, restaurants, bars, and music throughout the city. You can pick up fresh food at the Pike Place Market and take it back to your timeshare to cook local favorites. And of course, no trip to Seattle is complete without stopping at the Space Needle and the bustling downtown area.

Best Time to Visit

The busiest months to visit your Washington timeshare are July and August when the warm weather makes the beach and waterborne activities popular with visitors and the dry, sunny weather is equally attractive for visitors to central Washington. September through February marks the slow season when you'll find fewer crowds at major attractions but also fewer outdoor events and attractions. Rain and snow are common sights, so if you enjoy winter sports you can have a great time, especially out in the Cascades where skiing and other downhill sports are quite popular. Spring is the shoulder season and still rainy along the coast, but you'll find moderate temperatures and drier weather in interior Washington, which is perfect for outdoor hiking, mountain biking, and other outdoor excursions.

The family-friendly nature of many of Washington's top attractions means they can be as accessible for families are they are for adults. If you are looking for kid-friendly things to do, Long Beach, WA is known as the fun beach with kite flying and a kite museum, swimming, boating, and horseback riding, along with family-focused lodging and dining. In Seattle, kids will love seeing the Seattle Aquarium, the Boeing Flight Museum, and the Seattle Center's museums.