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Bluegreen Resorts

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Bluegreen Resorts is a unique vacation ownership organization dedicated to providing flexibility and choice for your vacation destination. Based on timeshare points, Bluegreen timeshare offers over 60 resorts in more than 40 destinations from Cape Cod to Arizona. Each resort features an outstanding reputation and amenities designed for family fun and peace and relaxation. Owning a timeshare is an excellent choice to take advantage of vacation time with family and friends and memories to last a lifetime. 

Advantages of Owning a Bluegreen Timeshare

Traveling to new destinations is simple as a timeshare owner. As part of the Bluegreen organization, owners are awarded a specific number of points based on the purchase size of their home resort. Owners can choose to stay at their resort or exchange points within the club or with RCI for a different destination. Points are awarded on an annual basis and families can book travel up to eleven months from the travel date for a full week or partial week reservations.

Saving money on your Orlando vacation is easy with a timeshare. Whether you are planning to visit SeaWorld, Universal Studios, or the Magic Kingdom, a Bluegreen resort is close to these attractions in addition to comedy clubs, concerts, restaurants, and shopping. Units come with full kitchens and all the comforts of home. Florida beaches are within an easy drive and families can enjoy swimming and a variety of water sports.

Families looking to get back to nature will enjoy a timeshare in Aspen. No matter what time of year you choose to travel, the area offers the beauty of the mountains, outdoor adventures, and a variety of cultural events. The Bluegreen resort is located close to the airport and within walking distance of shops and restaurants. When vacationing in the winter months, Aspen offers some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the country.

If gaming is your idea of a great vacation, Bluegreen offers resorts in Las Vegas and Atlantic City where you can dine at one of many buffets, enjoy a variety of entertainment, and try your luck at the casinos. Whether you are searching for a romantic getaway or a fun-filled week with the kids or extended family, using your timeshare points is the best way to make vacation affordable. 

Buy Bluegreen Resort Timeshare

If you have been thinking about purchasing a timeshare and wondering where to start, consider Bluegreen as one of the best. With a flexible point system, a huge variety of resorts and destinations, and quality service – Bluegreen Vacation owners are satisfied customers. Families want to make memories with loved ones and experience different locations throughout the country. A timeshare point system makes it easy to exchange locations and enjoy new destinations every year. If you'd like to sell Bluegreen resort timeshare, we can help you navigate the resale process. 

FAQ About TBA Bluegreen Resort Timeshares


Will Bluegreen Buy Back My Timeshare?

Bluegreen is not known to have a buy back program but they have been known to take back Bluegreen timeshare points ownership that meet certain criteria. They have a customer service program with representatives that can answer owner questions and see if they qualify for Bluegreen to take back their timeshare. In these instances, owners would not receive compensation for their ownership.

Generally, these owners are paid up with no outstanding mortgages or unpaid annual fees. They also tend to be in declining health or have financial hardships for Bluegreen to consider taking back timeshares.

For owners looking to get some money back for their timeshare, selling their Bluegreen timeshare is the best option. There are several ways to go about selling, whether promoting on social media or advertising your timeshare using a timeshare advertising company. But the most economical way is to work with a licensed timeshare resale brokerage firm.

These firms are licensed under state real estate regulations and work on a no upfront fee commission basis, meaning they only get paid when the timeshare sells. Plus, the agents are responsible for promoting your timeshare and negotiating the deal, making it a much simpler process.

Is Bluegreen Vacations a Timeshare?

Yes, Bluegreen is considered a timeshare program even though they promote and sell points and tend to operate more like a vacation club than a traditional timeshare program.

Timeshare ownership is fundamentally about vacationers buying time to stay in a resort. The conventional timeshare method is to buy a deeded interest in a resort that provides a fixed week in order to vacation in that resort.

Bluegreen sells a deeded interest, but they overlay points onto the interest instead of issuing a fixed week at a resort. The points are used as a type of vacation currency where the owner can use the points to book a stay in a resort within the Bluegreen network. Considering there are about 70 resorts in the Bluegreen network, that’s great flexibility to vacation in various destinations around the country.

The Bluegreen points can also be sold (with the owner recouping some of their initial outlay) which also functions like timeshare ownership.

Can I Sell My Bluegreen Timeshare?

Certainly, you can sell your Bluegreen timeshare points. There are a couple of ways to do it, depending on whether you want to handle it yourself or get someone to help you.

If you want to sell your timeshare yourself, you can try contacting family or friends or use social media outlets like Facebook or Pinterest. You can also try more conventional methods like magazines or newspapers, but do buyers really use any of these ways to find a timeshare? Not really, since buyers go about it like buying anything else, with an online search in Google or Bing.

You can also use an online advertising company which specializes in timeshare resales. Bluegreen does not have an in-house resale program so they will refer you to an online resale company for help. If you decide to use one, make sure you can find them in an online search, because if you cannot easily find the company than neither can a buyer.

Advertising companies allow you to advertise your Bluegreen points for sale and you would handle the negotiation yourself. They charge advertising fees upfront, just like any advertising business does, so keep this in mind.

If you want help to sell your Bluegreen timeshare with no upfront fees, then a licensed timeshare resale broker is your best option. These firms operate like a traditional real estate company, on a commission basis where payment is made after the sale. Agents are licensed under state real estate law and negotiate the sale on your behalf as well as handle the paperwork. This is why many owners looking to sell timeshares like to use this option.

What Happens if I Stop Paying my Bluegreen Timeshare?

Bluegreen timeshare payments generally fall into two categories – loan repayments made on the original timeshare purchase and payments made every year for maintenance/annual dues.

If you stop paying your Bluegreen timeshare payments on the original purchase, you would be defaulting on the loan. Since the loan is likely structure as an unsecured loan, it would operate more like a credit card loan than a traditional real estate mortgage. The lender would contact you similar to the way a credit card company would follow up if you stopped paying on your card account. Debt collection would be involved and could lead to legal action on behalf of the lender.

Payments made to Bluegreen for annual maintenance fees or annual dues are an ongoing commitment and not paying these Bluegreen timeshare fees is considered a breach of contract. Bluegreen’s customer service team would reach out to request payment, and if payment is not made then it could be referred to their debt department. Eventually it could escalate to a foreclosure process as Bluegreen attempts to retrieve the ownership.

In either scenario, the major credit bureaus could be contacted and the non-payment, legal or foreclosure activity placed onto your credit report. This would lead to a hit on your credit score, impacting your ability to obtain loans or reduce interest payments. Rather than get to this point, contact a licensed resale agent who can help you sell your timeshare.

Why are Bluegreen Timeshares So Hard to Leave?

It’s simple – because Bluegreen wants to keep owners as long as they can so they continue to pay annual dues and maintenance fees into the program. Owners of Bluegreen timeshares generate significant revenue for the company, allowing it to manage the nearly 70 resorts within its program as well as operate the points program which facilitates the vacations.

Leaving Bluegreen timeshare ownership is easier than it used to be, as market forces have driven Bluegreen to consider take back and resale referral programs that they wouldn’t have considered in previous years.

The simplest way for an owner to leave a Bluegreen timeshare is to sell it, which is where licensed timeshare resale agents can assist owners looking to sell. Call 877-624-6889 for a no-obligation consultation where an agent can provide a market value assessment of your timeshare at no cost to you.