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Westgate Resorts

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Westgate Resorts is the world's largest privately-owned timeshare ownership program, offering members exclusive discounts at more than 25 luxury resorts in the United States. The company is partnered with Interval International, which is an exchange program that allows members and property owners to exchange their timeshare reservations with other resort complexes all over the world. This flexible, floating timeshare vacation program provides members easy access to the vacation destination of their choice, all at a fraction of the cost of a typical travel package that includes airfare, hotel stays, and sightseeing tours.

With Westgate timeshare ownership, families and business groups travel in style, stay at one of the renowned Westgate resort properties, and enjoy discounts on everything from golf club green fees and dining to amusement park tickets and side trip excursions. Best of all, there's no locking in of dates without refunds. Should members decide to stay at a property other than the one in which they have a timeshare ownership, trading accommodations locations is a snap.

Benefits Of Timeshare Ownership

The costs of a vacation can really add up. A family of four might spend as much as $250 per night at a four-star hotel, and the added price of ground transportation, entry fees to theme parks, dining, and recreation equipment rental increases the final cost dramatically. Over a period of 20 years, a family might spend as much as $60,000 or more just to take annual vacations. On the other hand, a timeshare property is reasonably priced. Since the property is purchased for a small block of time each year, the final cost of timeshare ownership is often less than $15,000.

The points earned during each stay go a long way in cutting down the cost of the entire vacations. Even with the modest annual maintenance fees, the same family can enjoy annual vacations for a total cost of less than $30,000 over the same 20 year period. Select resort properties can also be rented, meaning that owners can earn extra money by renting out their selected unit to a third party or even sell Westgate Resort in the future, 

Exciting Westgate Resort Destinations

From Orlando, FL, home of Walt Disney World, to Las Vegas, NV, the entertainment capital of the world, Westgate Resorts are strategically located to help visitor get the most out of their vacation. Most of the resorts have fully furnished guest suites that feature kitchens or kitchenettes, private balconies, in-house dining options, and exercise and fitness centers. 

For those traveling to Orlando, the fabulous Westgate Palace Resort is located adjacent to the Universal Studios Orlando, with easy access to Walt Disney World Resort and Epcot Center. Branson, MO, is another vacation hotspot, and the Westgate Branson Lakes Resort, situated minutes from town in the beautiful Ozark Mountains, offers peaceful remoteness combined with the most upscale villa suites in the region. Las Vegas high-rollers will enjoy staying at the Westgate Flamingo Bay, a magnificently designed resort complete with heated pools, a fitness center, and sports courts, located just a mile from the Las Vegas Strip.

Westgate timeshare properties are a smart choice. Imagine choosing your vacation dates, your destination, and your entire vacation itinerary, all at a fraction of the cost of a trip booked through a travel agent. This is what Westgate Resorts offers to timeshare owners.