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Great Long Weekend Holiday Destinations

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Posted on June 08, 2022

So, what defines great long weekend destinations? Is it quick access to the location? Drive-to versus flying? Seclusion or shopping? Mountains or theme parks? And how do timeshare resorts come into play? So many factors go into a great long weekend that it’s tough to gather them all into specific categories, but there are certain themes that emerge.

First, What is a Long Weekend?

The general meaning of a long weekend centers on holiday weekends with a holiday either right before or after the weekend. For instance, we’ve just had one around the Memorial Day weekend, which gives people three days off. By now you’re probably thinking “no kidding Sherlock” but stick with me on this.

When it comes to travel on long weekends, three days can be tough to negotiate when it comes to a true break. This is why many people settle for staycations just to chill out.

One tried and true method of extending your time is to add vacation days to a long weekend to get better use of your time off. That’s why the Thanksgiving holiday is such a popular time to take off, since not much gets done on the Friday after Thanksgiving so using a vacation day makes sense for a natural four-day break.

According to career advice website Zippia, Americans leave nearly 430 million vacation days unused and nearly half of U.S. employees don’t use paid time off for vacations. The fact that paid holiday days are not a mandatory requirement of all businesses in America certainly comes into play, but there are ways to strategically use your PTO to give yourself a break.   

Remember, you can always create your own long weekend simply by taking a vacation day on a Monday or Friday. You don’t need a holiday for that.

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Timeshare Points Programs Really Help

Some experts say that shorter breaks can actually be better than even a full week of vacation. Employees site reasons such as the higher costs, inability to disconnect from their devices for long stretches and fear of work piling up while away as deterrents from taking long vacations.

Shorter breaks allow workers to disconnect easier without the higher costs and fear of work becoming a drama. Creating these shorter breaks also gives people an opportunity to take more breaks throughout the year, especially when they can build time around paid holidays.

Timeshare points programs are designed to enable these shorter getaways. Programs such as Club Wyndham, WorldMark, Marriott Vacation Club and Hilton Grand Vacations are just a few of the points-based programs that allow members to break up their point allotments into smaller increments so they can be used to book shorter stays.     

Another way to use a timeshare for long weekend breaks is through an exchange provider. Companies such as RCI and Interval International offer membership levels with points products that let members book shorter stays using their timeshare ownership.

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Travel Trends

With inflation and higher gas prices impacting travel, about half of travelers say they limit travel time for their vacations to four hours from home when driving or taking a train. Not only are travelers looking for more options closer to home, but this also aligns with shorter breaks.

While this may limit options for some, it also lets you be more creative in your choices. You may be surprised at what you’ll find with a little research for activities within a four-hour drive from home.

According to the American Resort Development Association, the top places and activities for vacationers are:

  • Beach
  • Country/Areas with Lakes
  • Ski
  • Island
  • Golf
  • Theme Park
  • Urban

While the Island option may be a bit difficult by car unless there is a bridge or ferry transportation, these clearly show that vacationers are looking for destinations and activities that can be enjoyed either on a longer or shorter vacation.

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Top Long Weekend Destinations with Timeshares

For people looking for vacation spots closer to major metro areas, below are some great long weekend destinations that are known for terrific timeshare resorts.

Atlantic City, NJ

Long known as a vacation playground for New Yorkers as well as Philadelphians, this historic beach township is also with driving distance from Baltimore and Washington, DC. Enjoy the boardwalk, beaches and casinos.

Top Atlantic City Timeshare Resorts: Wyndham Skyline Tower, Bluegreen Resort's at Atlantic Palace

Big Bear, CA

Big Bear Lake

This amazing getaway spot is less than a two-hour drive from Los Angeles but offers a wonderful range of four-season fun. From the watersports of Big Bear Lake to the skiing at Bear Mountain, all variety of outdoor adventures are waiting for you.

Top Big Bear Timeshare Resorts: Lagonita Lodge Resort, WorldMark Big Bear, Club at Big Bear Village

Falmouth, MA  

One of the advantages of this Cape Cod township is its location on the western side of the Cape, so you don’t have to go all the way up the Cape to have fun. With easy ferry access to Martha’s Vineyard, this is a great spot from Boston as well as New York.

Top Falmouth Timeshare Resorts: InnSeason Resorts Captain's Quarters, InnSeason Resorts Surfside, Beachside Village

Hilton Head Island, SC

Just over a four-hour drive from the congestion of Atlanta, these southern city dwellers can drive to enjoy the peace and serenity of the beaches, golf and nature preserves on this fabulous island getaway.

Top Hilton Head Timeshare Resorts:  Marriott's Grande Ocean, Marriott's Barony Beach Club, Marriott's SurfWatch

Las Vegas, NV