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How to Find Wyndham Timeshare Offers

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Posted on November 19, 2021

As the largest vacation ownership company on the planet, the power of the Wyndham timeshare network is seen in its 245 resorts around the world servicing 850,000 owners.

Operating primarily through brands Club Wyndham, WorldMark, Shell Vacations Club and Margaritaville Vacation Club, Wyndham has a number of ways to own vacation time, whether through owning a week at a specific resort or through points-based vacation club programs.

So, how does someone plan a Wyndham timeshare vacation?

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This essentially boils down to the type of ownership. Fixed week owners have it easy since they would just confirm a reservation of their designated week at their home resort. Many of these fixed weeks are in older or acquired resorts that sold weeks as part of their original sales plans.

These owners know where they are going and when, so it’s mainly a case of booking the week.

For owners who own floating weeks, this takes more planning since they would own vacation time at the resort during a specific season or time of year, rather than a specific week. While the destination is still the same, it’ll take some planning to match the availability at the resort with your desired vacation time.

These days, new ownerships are predominantly sold into points-based Club programs. These are the flexible vacation club products being sold at Wyndham sales centers across the country (also as resales here at Timeshare Broker Associates), but more flexibility means more planning to get the vacation you want.

Securing a floating week involves some of the same principles as these Club programs, so we’ll focus on Club Wyndham.

Fixed or Points?

Planning begins with first understanding what you own. As mentioned earlier, fixed week ownership essentially means calling the resort or Wyndham to confirm your week.

With floating week ownership, call your resort or login to the reservation system to see what weeks are available at your resort during your designated season. This may be through the resort or Wyndham, depending on the setup at the resort.

Wyndham points owners have the most flexibility since they can basically choose from just about any of the resorts in the network, depending on the program.

Because of the varying types of points programs, you may have points assigned to a specific home resort, or they may not be assigned to a given resort. This can impact your advanced reservation window, so check your ownership since you may have additional time to book at your home resort.

Depending on the type and level of your points program, especially VIP programs, you may also have a longer advanced reservation window for certain resorts. Check your ownership level in case you have more time to book.

Destination, Then Resort

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Like planning for any vacation, choose your destination first based on your type of desired vacation. Do you want to go to the beach this year, or hit the ski slopes? Maybe a trip to New York or D.C.? Or the Orlando theme parks?

Once you’ve decided on your destination, then review the Wyndham timeshare resorts in that destination.

What Are Your Vacation Needs?

Some resorts are larger than others or have more variety of accommodation choices. The size of your traveling group or family will determine how many bedrooms you will need.

If you have young children, a resort with an organized Kid’s Club program may be your priority. Would you rather be on the beach or next to a golf course? Need a resort at the base of the ski slopes? Make these decisions first before choosing your resort.

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What is Your Availability?

When do you want to vacation? This is where your advance reservation window can really help, since the earlier you make your choice, the better the chance of getting the week you want at your preferred resort.

Some advance windows are as early as 13 months prior to your desired check-in, so you can really get a jump on other members. However, many people can’t plan that far ahead, so flexibility is key.

Once you’ve determined the time of year and/or week you want to take a trip, check out the points chart for your resort provided by Wyndham. They have a great explanation of how to read their points charts for their resorts, as you can see below.

explaining a Wyndham timeshare points chart

How Many Points Do You Need?

This is crucial and works in conjunction with the previous question. Club Wyndham points owners buy points packages that align with their vacation needs and financial commitment. The more points you own, the larger the unit and more availability of weeks you have to choose from.

The seasons and desired weeks work hand in hand with the amount of points you own. If you own, say, 600,000 points then you can pretty much stay wherever you want at any time of year. If you own less, you may have to juggle your resort and unit request with the time of year you want to vacation.

Once you have chosen your destination and resort, go to the points chart for that resort to see how many points you will need for your desired unit configuration. For example, the chart below is for Wyndham Ocean Walk in Daytona Beach.

Wyndham Ocean Walk points chart

This is the latest publicly available information online, from 2019, so you will see that the resort has three seasons, Prime, High and Value. This is where a timeshare calendar can really come in handy so you can research the actual week of the year which corresponds to the week number on the chart.

Fortunately, we have a timeshare calendar you can access by clicking here.

There are basically two ways to look at this:

  • Choose the week you want to travel, then look for the point requirements. If you have enough points, you can choose the type of unit you’d like for your trip.


  • Look for the column of the unit layout you want (say 2BR), then check the points requirements for the length of stay. If you have the required points, check the weeks to see when you can travel.

Before you ultimately decide on a resort and unit, you may want to have a few options up your sleeve as a contingency in case you can’t get your top choice. Some resorts may have scarce availability during your desired week, such as Daytona 500 Race Week at the aforementioned Ocean Walk, so have a back-up plan.

Pulling the Trigger

Now that you’ve narrowed down where you want to go, when you want to vacation and the type of unit you’d like, login to the Club Wyndham website and make your selection. As mentioned earlier, have your contingency plan in place, maybe your top three choices depending on the week and unit type.

Wyndham has an extensive member services and concierge program which can help you not only reserve a week but also help with travel, rental cars and excursions.

Of course, before you can plan a Wyndham timeshare vacation, you need to be a part of the program. Buying a discounted Wyndham timeshare resale or Wyndham points is the way to access the program, and we can help.

As a Featured Reseller for Wyndham since 2015, we can answer any questions you may have. Click here to leave us a message or give our licensed agents a call on 877-624-6889.



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