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Is Disney Vacation Club Reducing Its Buy In Level for DVC Points?

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Posted on April 24, 2023

Disney Vacation Club is rumored to be reducing the minimum buy-in amount for its membership program to just 100 points, down from the current 150-point minimum purchase level. This move would potentially make DVC membership more accessible to a wider range of people, particularly those who may have previously been priced out of the program.

While DVC has yet to make a formal announcement, printed literature reportedly left at the Grand Floridian resort advertised the option of guests buying into a Disney timeshare membership directly from Disney at 100 points, at a cost of $21,700. Gaining Membership Benefits Extras would still require a 150-point minimum.

Why Would Disney Vacation Club Drop its Minimum Point Level?

This is an important move, as it infers a response by Disney Vacation Club to the current market trends and the impact the current economic conditions may be having on DVC points sales.

Of course, Disney timeshare points have long been available on the resale market at lower levels and at significantly reduced prices compared to the points sold directly by Disney. Perhaps this is also a response to the impact the resale market is having on Disney timeshare sales?

There is also the possibility that this new minimum buy-in amount of 100 points is exclusive to the Grand Floridian, but reports are that the new level is being promoted at other sport around Disney World.

DVC has been raising the minimum point level since 2018, when it established a 75-point minimum buy-in level. The most recent increase to the 150-point level took place in June 2021 at the height of the pandemic.

Why Join Disney Vacation Club?

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Disney allows members to buy DVC points that can be used to book stays at Disney resorts within the Disney timeshare resort network. So, what are the benefits of DVC membership, and why might you want to consider joining?

Members have access to some of the most desirable accommodation at Disney theme park resorts in the U.S. This includes access to deluxe villas and suites, which offer much more space and amenities than standard hotel rooms. Additionally, DVC members are able to book their stays up to 11 months in advance, giving them the best chance of securing their preferred dates and accommodation.

Another benefit of DVC membership is the flexibility it offers to book accommodation. Members can not only use their points to book stays at DVC resorts, but also use them to book stays at Disney hotels and resorts through the Disney Interval International exchange program. This means that DVC membership can be a great way to save money on vacations, as well as allowing members to explore new destinations.

Of course, it's important to remember that DVC membership should be seen as a long-term choice in Disney vacations. Members commit to purchasing a set number of points, which are renewed each year, for the length of the contract and must pay annual dues to cover maintenance and other expenses.

Best Way to Buy DVC Points

Overall, the possibility of Disney reducing the minimum buy-in amount for DVC membership is an interesting move by Disney given its recent history of increases and the approaching opening of the Villas at Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim this September. It potentially makes the program more accessible to new members and could help to boost membership numbers in the coming years.

For families who want to make the most of their Disney vacations, DVC points can be a great way to enjoy flexible booking options and luxurious accommodation at some of the most desirable Disney resorts in America.

As always, the best way to become a Disney Vacation Club member is through the resale market where prices can be as low as 50 percent of the retail prices charged by Disney. Send us your questions through our Contact Us page or give our licensed agents a call on 877-624-6889 for more information.



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