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Meet The Marriott Vacation Club

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Posted on June 24, 2022

The Marriott Vacation Club was founded in 1984 and successfully offers unmatched vacation experiences for individuals, families, and loved ones. 

In 2010, Marriott Vacation Club launched a points-based program for timeshare ownership called the Marriott Vacations Destinations program. This program has allowed a smooth transition to the evolution from deeded timeshares to a points-based system. 

With over 60 world-class resorts in the Marriott Vacation Club, and 6,700 Marriott Hotels, and 3,000 affiliated resorts to choose from through the Marriott Bonvoy program, Marriott has unparalleled flexibility, quality, and service for its owners. 

How Does Marriott Vacation Club Work?

Marriott allots a certain amount of points per owner annually to be used at the owner’s leisure. These points are replenished every year and can be banked away to be used for future trips or, an owner can borrow points from the following year to book a current trip. 

The amount of points a trip costs depends on a couple of things: the size of the room, the season, and destination. For instance, booking a trip in June-July may cost more points than a trip in January-February, depending on the resort and destination, since summer months tend to be busier. 

Annual fees and dues are also something to take into consideration when buying Marriott timeshare points or a week of timeshare. There are three costs associated with owning a Marriott timeshare: (a) purchase price for interest, (b) annual maintenance fees, and (c) annual club fees. 

golf course at Palm Desert resort

What About Fixed Week Ownership?

Marriott Vacation Club actually operates two programs in one, as fixed week ownership is still managed by the program along with its Destination Points program

Fixed week ownership had been a mainstay of Marriott from its beginning until 2011 when the company transitioned to selling points products through its sales centers. However, those weeks can still be purchased, but only through the resale marketplace. 

Owning a fixed or floating week of Marriott timeshare can be attractive to buyers looking for a guaranteed time of year to vacation at a specific resort. For instance, vacationers looking to travel over the Christmas/New Year’s holiday period in Hawaii can buy a week of timeshare and lock in their travel every year. Plus, they can always exchange for a different destination if they want a change of pace in later years. 

Marriott Bonvoy Points vs. Vacation Club Points

Marriott offers a loyalty reward system called Bonvoy points. These are different and not to be confused with Vacation Club points. 

Marriott Vacation Club points are purchased as a part of the annual contract that is buying a Marriott timeshare. Bonvoy points can be earned and redeemed at Marriott Hotels for various purposes. As a Marriott timeshare owner, if you would rather stay at a Marriott Bonvoy hotel or resort, you are able to convert your Vacation Club points into Bonvoy points to redeem a stay. 

resort on ski slopes in Park City

Benefits of Marriott Vacation Club

Marriott timeshares also offer a plethora of locations and perks through Interval International; a vacation exchange network that allows Marriott timeshare owners the ability to travel internationally and stay at hotels such as the Four Seasons with their Vacation Club points. 

There are different membership levels when it comes to the Marriott Vacation Club and each membership has different benefits that come along with it. The larger the amount of points, the more access an owner has to cruises, tours, early access, VIP weekends, and more. 

In short, the more points you own, the more benefits you gain. With an executive membership (7,000 points), you can book your 1+ nights stay 13 months in advance compared to a 10-month reservation window as an owner (less than 4,000 points). Guided tours are also credited at higher levels of membership, and you can even book a stay at a Ritz-Carlton hotel. 

Some of Marriott’s most popular timeshares today include: Marriott's Grande Vista, Marriott's Aruba Surf Club, Marriott's Newport Coast Villas, Marriott's Grand Chateau, Marriott's Ko Olina Beach Club. 

Marriott’s Grande Vista

Marriott Orlando timeshare with poolMarriott’s Grande Vista resort located in Orlando, Florida offers one, two, and three-bedroom villas for your next stay. The villas include balconies, full kitchens, guest kitchenettes, washer/dryer in unit, sofa beds, and free Wi-Fi. 

Grande Vista also offers three restaurants to choose from, a spa, fitness center, three pools, a whirlpool, and a golf club! There are also numerous attractions surrounding the resort. Disney World, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Island of Adventures, and Disney Springs are all just a short drive from the resort, allowing plenty of time for fun and play all day. 

Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club

Marriott Aruba resort

Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club located in Noord, Aruba offers one, two, and three-bedroom beachfront villas. Villas include full kitchens, guest kitchenettes, complimentary Wi-Fi and flatscreen TVs. 

The Aruba Surf club also has a multitude of amenities to choose from. There is a sauna, a spa, fitness center, lazy river and pool, children’s pool, a whirlpool and two bars. Nearby, you can shop, go sightseeing, or lay out on the beach for as long as your heart desires.

Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas