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Planning a Memorial Day Trip

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Posted on May 17, 2022

Memorial Day is fast approaching and if you haven’t already made plans for your summer vacation you may want to get a move on. According to AAA, Memorial Day travel bookings are already up 122 percent compared to last year. The momentum is sure to overflow into the rest of summer as Americans release two years’ worth of pent-up vacation fever.

For timeshare owners planning a Memorial Day trip with fixed weeks, you’re in good shape but should still confirm your booking, even if you’ve already contacted your resort to reserve your week. Weeks still need to be reserved regardless of your ownership status, and you don’t want to show up at your resort to find out there’s no room at the Inn.

Depending on your resort or developer, you may be out of luck if you intend to use a floating week this late to make a Memorial Day weekend reservation. Call your resort to see if you can still book.

Points Can Help

Points owners in more robust timeshare programs such as Club Wyndham, WorldMark and Marriott Vacation Club may have an easier time finding availability - but you may need to be prepared to travel a longer distance or make last minute changes to put a vacation in place.

Those timeshare owners who haven’t yet made plans still have a little time but you really don’t want to wait any longer. The good news is that the timeshare industry understands there is a segment of vacationers still suffering a post-COVID hangover from all the prior cancellations, looking to wait as long as possible before booking.

The Right Fare for Airfare

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Fortunately for those looking to book a flight, AAA estimates that the best time to book airfare is two weeks before Memorial Day – which is right about now – with vacationers paying $445 per ticket on average. Waiting until the week before the holiday? Get ready to pay double the price for your flight.

If you’re not yet sure where you want to go, you may want to consider where everyone else seems to be going if you want to avoid the crowds. I get that avoiding crowds is next to impossible in certain places such as Orlando theme parks or Cape Cod beaches, but at least think about it.

Where Are People Heading?

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AAA says travelers are primarily heading to big cities and beaches for Memorial Day, with their top 4 destinations as:

Orlando and Las Vegas also happen to be the top two timeshare destinations in the country, so you may still be able to find availability if you act quickly. South Beach is sure to be popular, and the islands near Seattle in Puget Sound are also great spots, especially for WorldMark timeshares.

In all, AAA expects about 37 million people to travel for the holiday weekend, a lift of 60 percent over last year and nearly back to pre-COVID travel levels.

TSA is saying they expect 2.5 million people to fly on Memorial Day alone, with certain airports back to pre-pandemic 2019 numbers. The agency is already adding and reassigning staff to handle the influx.

Tips for Planning a Trip

There are a lot of variables at play this year, especially with gas prices hitting a record $4.45 on average for a gallon of gas. This is sure to impact some travel plans, but a few tips may be able to help:

Fill Up Early in the Week. According to tracking site GasBuddy, Monday is the best day of the week on average to fill up your tank, offering the cheapest prices in 17 states. After Monday, Sunday is the next best day. The worst? Thursday.

Check Gas Prices in your Destination. Where you live may be more expensive than where you are visiting, so you may be able to plan your fill up at your destination if you are not traveling far.

Think about Closer Options. An emerging trend is that a 4-hour driving distance seems to be the limit for traveling for a vacation. Shorter trips can save on the need for in-trip overnight accommodation to break up the drive as well as the cost of gas. 

Give Yourself Enough Time. This is always a challenge, as rushing before a trip seems to be a prerequisite. But remember to take into account the lead time needed at an airport because of the crowds, or the traffic you may encounter on the roadways. No need to add to the anxiety. 

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Try Somewhere Different. If you go to the beach every year, try a trip to the mountains for some hiking or nature walks. Lakes such as Branson’s Table Rock Lake offers great swimming and beach access, and there are plenty of Branson timeshare resorts.

Give Exchange a Chance. Timeshare owners who may not be able to access their resorts can try exchanging to stay in a different resort in the same area. Most resorts are affiliated with either RCI or Interval International, so check with the program which is affiliated with your resort.

If you can't find what you are looking for, try a newcomer called 7Across which doesn’t charge membership fees and only requires payment when the exchange is confirmed.

Meal Planning. This may not be the most popular way to save money during your vacation (especially for the cook) but not having to go out for every meal can certainly help with costs. Timeshare resorts are known for their kitchen amenities and it’s amazing how much you can save, especially if you are eating meals at the theme parks. 

With over 1,500 timeshare resorts across America, there is sure to be a resort that fits with your travel plans. Because families vacation differently, you may have specific needs that you need to run by someone who knows the industry.

For instance, some families may be okay with younger children sleeping on a pull-out sofa bed, so they can go with a smaller one-bedroom unit. Others may have teenaged kids that need their own bedroom, so a two- or three-bedroom unit may be needed.

Whatever questions you have, our licensed timeshare resale agents can answer. Click here to leave us a message or submit your question or call us on 877-624-6889 and we’ll get back you as soon as possible.    


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