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Selling a Divi Timeshare

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Posted on May 06, 2022

Divi Resorts is one of the premier providers of vacation accommodation in the Caribbean, with seven Divi timeshare resorts featuring hotspots Aruba, Barbados, Bonaire, St. Croix and St. Maarten. Beginning with a hotel on Aruba in 1969, the company is one of the largest timeshare operators in the region. The Caribbean is always on the mind for tropical vacations, so owners planning on selling a Divi timeshare have an impressive product to inspire buyers.

Divi Timeshare vs Vacation Club Ownership

Divi operates two distinct ownership programs, week ownership and vacation club membership. After Divi began selling its club program in 2015, the company no longer focuses on selling timeshare weeks, which makes the resale market essential for buyers looking for a guaranteed fixed or floating week in a specific resort.

The Divi vacation club program allows members to vacation across several destinations through a Pure Points program where points can be used as a type of vacation currency to book stays at varying times of the year, days of the week or size of accommodation.

Carina Bay St Croix

Because these programs are so different, it is important for sellers to understand exactly what they own and the specifics of their ownership when they enter the resale market.

For instance, week ownership is a right-to-use ownership, which means the owner has the right to use the unit rather than owning a deeded interest in the property. These are sold in limited year contracts, so there is an expiry date on the ownership which impacts the resale value depending on the remaining time on the contract.

Network and Exchange

A unique benefit of owning a Divi timeshare is that resorts are affiliated with both the Interval International and RCI timeshare exchange programs. Usually, resorts are affiliated with one or the other and, while II is the preferred affiliation program for Divi, owners can become members of both and give themselves more global exchange options than usual.

It may sound strange to promote the ability to vacation at places other than the resort you’re trying to sell, but flexibility in vacation choices is a major advantage of timeshare ownership and a big selling point. This allows week owners to even exchange to another Divi resort if they choose a different destination.

Club members can participate in the Divi Exchange Network which gives them exchange options to stay in II-affiliated resorts as well as Divi resorts within the network.

All Inclusive Can Help When Selling

Divi Resorts offer all-inclusive plans with most of their resorts, which can be a big help to buyers looking to manage their vacation costs. While the cost of these plans are in addition to the purchase price of the timeshare or club membership, prepaying the daily food and beverage costs rather than working it out on the fly can be a real budgeting benefit. Especially for families who don’t want to keep up with every soft drink purchase for their kids.

The Divi resorts with all inclusive options are Divi Dutch Village (Aruba), Divi Village Golf & Beach (Aruba), Divi Flamingo Beach (Bonaire), Divi Carina Bay (St. Croix) and Divi Little Bay (St. Maarten).

Divi Little Bay

The Divi resorts without all inclusive options are Divi Phoenix Beach (Aruba) and Divi Southwinds (Barbados).

Divi timeshare owners should mention the availability of all-inclusive options as a selling point, although not in specific detail (since this can change) but as an overall concept if this is applicable to your resort.

What is the Value Proposition?

This is the primary question sellers need to answer when selling their timeshare. Fortunately, Divi resorts are terrific and in some of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the world. But anyone can book a trip to the islands, so what makes Divi special?

This is where increasing hotel accommodation costs can actually help, since vacation ownership has always been promoted as a way to lock in future vacations at today’s rates. As hotels up their rates to keep up with the pace of inflation, the selling price of a timeshare is dependent on the owner and they can judge the market and competitively price their ownership.

Even with an estimated annual maintenance fee around $1,000, taking the discounted resale price into account and prorating the total amount over 10-15 years gives a buyer a great deal on a yearly vacation compared to comparable hotel rates.

Don’t forget the advantages of condo living compared to hotel accommodation. Multi-room units with added space, privacy and amenities are huge selling points.

Considering the money that can be saved by buying on the resale market, selling a Divi timeshare can be positioned as an excellent deal, especially compared to the prices charged at the resorts.

Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort

Can I Contact Divi for Help?

One of the first steps the timeshare industry suggests is contacting the resort or developer first when selling a timeshare. However, in the case of Divi, the company does not have an in-house resale department so they cannot help you sell your Divi timeshare or club ownership.

One avenue they have created is a referral program using third-party Featured Resellers. Timeshare Broker Associates is a designated Featured Reseller for Divi Resorts, approved by resort management to provide resale assistance for owners looking to sell their timeshare.

Owners who contact Divi directly will be referred to third-party resale brokers such as us because of the no-upfront fee policy, which is a requirement for nearly every timeshare company doing business with resale providers.

Divi understands that brokers and licensed agents experienced in the resale marketplace are better positioned to help sellers transition out of their ownership and make some money in the process. This is one of the reasons that they refer sellers to resale specialists.

Keep in mind that this is slightly different from possible cancellation or take-back programs. Owners looking to get out of their ownership can try contacting Divi, but these programs are usually for owners in financial stress or suffering from health-related problems. In these cases, owners receive no monetary compensation, which is why most owners evaluate selling their timeshare first so they can at least recoup some of their initial purchase price.