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The Four Basic Types of Timeshare Ownership

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Posted on September 01, 2016

Timeshare Broker Associates is a successful online resale outlet that provides timeshare owners with a reliable resale platform. Timeshare properties such as those offered on TBA have been supplying vacationers with new way to see the world since the introduction of the timeshare product in the 1960s.

There are four basic types of timeshares on the market:

1. In a “fixed week” timeshare, the buyer purchases the right to use the shared property during the same week every year or every second year. The deed will specify a week (between 1 and 52) as the buyer’s designated time period, which will remain as such as long as the contract lasts. The benefit of a fixed week timeshare is the ability to plan vacations far in advance.

2. A “floating” timeshare is one in which the buyer is allotted a certain number of days each year (generally one week), which can be booked in a designated month or season. This option offers more flexibility than a fixed week plan, but the buyer runs the risk of their chosen week being booked by another shareholder.

3. The third option, the “right-to-use” timeshare, requires a specific pre-determined end date on the contract. The buyer is granted the right to use the property for a specified number of years, at which time the right-to-use solely belongs once again to the property owner. Many non-U.S. resorts use this option, as non-residents cannot own property.

4. A “points club” timeshare follows the same principle as the floating timeshare, but the more points the buyer has accumulated – through their property buy-in or specific purchase of points – the more locations, days and room sizes they have to choose from when planning their vacation.


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