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Timeshare Broker Associates Has the Vacation for You

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Posted on July 16, 2008

Timeshare Broker Associates is one of the few timeshare resale companies out there to offer top resorts brands in the hospitality industry, premium vacation properties and amazing savings. With the sales volume on a constant rise, timeshares are proving to be resilient in the face of economic trouble, and an ideal choice in vacationing and lifestyle.

From Marriott to Wyndham, there are hundreds of sought-after locations available for thousands of dollars less than if you purchased them from the resort developer. The resale market is ideal for those looking for a stay at a high-end resort, for regular hotel prices. Regardless of the current U.S. economic situation, timesharing continues to be a great alternative when traveling. Rent or buy property most anywhere in the world, enjoying top shelf suites like Hilton, Westin, and Manhattan Club with superior value and locations. Even with the trustworthy accounting firm Ernst & Young predicting that demand for vacation lodging would be down nationwide, like in 2007 when a .5% drop was recorded, as an industry timesharing is growing strong each year.

In a recent study of the U.S. vacation timeshare industry conducted by Ernst & Young, a survey was conducted by 628 of the 1,641 timeshare resorts. The study illustrated that timeshares across the country have experienced sales growth of almost 70% since 2003. Exchange companies are showing popularity as well, with nearly all owners being a member of RCI or Interval International. Howard Nusbaum, president and CEO of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) stated “the continued growth of the timeshare industry in today’s economy is a direct indication of strong consumer satisfaction and demand. Vacation ownership, with its flexible and spacious accommodations, continues to be a preferred travel choice for American families.”

ARDA has indicated that as of 2007, 4.4million households owned one or more U.S. timeshares, weekly intervals or point equivalents. Regardless of the slump in residential real estate, states like Florida, with great sales volume as well as the largest resorts, have prospered with a timeshare market of $3.9billion by the end of 2007. Nusbaum explains “Timeshares have proven resilient despite a tough real-estate market in part because people who view them more as a travel expense and not a real-estate investment. They buy it because they believe they get better vacationing people don’t buy timeshares for the price appreciation, they buy it for use.” These vacation properties improve the quality of your vacation experience!

Many resort brands have added sophistication to the way owners can buy timeshare intervals. Timeshare Broker Associates has been offering increased flexibility for owners to customize their vacations and offering points as well as weeks per year. Points can allow vacation-goers or extend their vacation weeks, travel during other times of the year, or stay in various units at a range of locations.


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