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Timeshare Resales Boost Timeshare Value

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Posted on June 22, 2009

It is all too common for folks to be lured to a timeshare presentation with promises of free trips or a car, or something. You, too, may own a timeshare because of a sales presentation and some gift you were promised.

Is This You?

Timeshare Broker Associates is typically approached by couples who need help finding someone to buy the timeshare property they often couldn’t afford in the first place. Salesmen often pitch the highest prices packages that are, with options that are too complex for any novice to understand. Over the past few years a growing number of people have been coming forward with stories of how they were passed up the ranks until a signature as finally pried from them.

On the other hand, folks who have dealt with their share of “tours” enjoy their timeshares and continue to use them every year. A thriving marketplace of buyers are looking to the internet to find the best prices rather than paying upwards of $30,000.

We Can Help

Timeshare Broker Associates is poised on all the main search engines to find these potential buyers and renters.

Not just do we offer online promotion for timeshare owners, but our licensed agents interact with buyers to answer questions and verify the offer is from a serious buyer before bringing it to the owners’ attention.

The developers, in such tough economic times, will secure a sale to move inventory and “make sales.” However, by closing sales that may be destined to default, the salesmen are stripping this inventory of value!

Timeshare Broker Associates exists to repair this salesmanship. We work to help those who want out of the timeshare they were often sold while looking for the free trip they were promised. The timeshare concept is something to be enjoyed. Our extensive inventory has been fueling affordable vacations for years at sought after resorts around the world.


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