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To Own Or Not To Own Timeshare, That Is The Question!

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Posted on July 26, 2007

I’ve been working in the timeshare resale market for four years now. I have found that there are two types of timeshare owners. Those that love their timeshare and think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, and then you have the owners who flat out hate their timeshare and wish they never bought it. There doesn’t seem to be a gray area.

There are many benefits to owning a timeshare. Obviously, it is convenient to have a preset spot to vacation every year without having to worry about going through a travel agency. More importantly, you have something to show for your vacation dollars. If you stay in a hotel no matter how nice it is, once the trip is over all you have to show for it are the memories. With a timeshare once you decide your done traveling or no longer need it, you can resell it to get some of that vacation money back. Also, with companies like RCI, and II you can exchange your timeshare and location for others dates and destinations around the globe. The down side of timesharing comes into play when you don’t use or bank your weeks.

My best advice to anyone considering buying a timeshare would be to ask yourself a few questions. First, do I have both the time and financial means to vacation each and every year? Second, am I at a point in my life where I am certain my lifestyle is not going to change for quite some time? If your answer is no to either of those two questions, chances are timesharing may not be for you.

In the end, I honestly believe that if you buy a timeshare at a good price and use it every year it’s a great thing. However, as I mentioned earlier, every year you don’t use or bank it, that is good money going right down the drain. Just a little food for thought. These are just my opinions and thoughts on the matter of timesharing. Thanks for taking the time to read them.


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Jason Dobbins
Chief Technology Officer