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Why Take a Myrtle Beach Timeshare Vacation?

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Posted on July 26, 2023

Located along South Carolina's sun-kissed Atlantic shoreline, Myrtle Beach, fondly known as the "Grand Strand," is a medley of vacation pleasures and natural wonders. A wonderful spot that draws in travelers from all walks of life with its 60-mile expanse of golden sandy beaches, renowned golf courses, amusement parks, entertainment options, and a bounty of dining delights, a Myrtle Beach timeshare offers a location with a distinctive charm.

Myrtle Beach Grand Strand

More Than the Beach in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, named after the sweet-smelling Myrtle trees dotting the landscape, is a region where the joys of beach life are embraced to the fullest. Its beaches serve as the primary attraction for many visitors, beckoning sun-seekers with their warm sands and clear waters.

The beaches offer an assortment of outdoor activities from sunbathing, sandcastle building, surfing, paddleboarding, to beach volleyball. It's the idyllic place for both adrenaline enthusiasts seeking water sports thrills and those desiring a tranquil retreat to read a book by the calming rhythm of the waves.

On the other hand, the enchanting sunrise over the Atlantic horizon is an amazing experience, painting a magnificent tableau of dawn hues. Meanwhile, at the day's end, visitors can stroll down the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, rated as one of the best in the country, lined with a smorgasbord of shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants.

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

Outdoor Parks, Water Parks and More

A stay in a Myrtle Beach timeshare isn't complete without exploring the ocean's marine life. The Myrtle Beach State Park, a preserved maritime forest, is an escape into nature, providing excellent fishing, bird watching, and nature trails.

Meanwhile, Ripley’s Aquarium takes you on an underwater adventure, complete with a 750,000-gallon fish tank and a moving pathway through a tunnel that offers close encounters with giant stingrays, sharks, and a colorful palette of marine species.

For those seeking the fun of an amusement park, Family Kingdom Amusement Park and Splashes Oceanfront Water Park offer a day of excitement with roller coasters, Ferris wheels, water slides, and more. For an educationally enlightening experience, WonderWorks, an upside-down science amusement park, features more than 100 interactive exhibits that combine education and entertainment in a unique way.

Golfers find a wonderland in Myrtle Beach, with its 100+ finely crafted golf courses designed by legends like Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. The area boasts some of the finest layouts in the country, earning it the moniker "Golf Capital of America."

Myrtle Beach's dining scene is a tapestry of flavors. Seafood reigns supreme, with Calabash-style dishes being a local favorite. Whether it's a high-end oceanfront restaurant, a lively eatery at Broadway at the Beach, or a quaint beachside shack, the flavors of Myrtle Beach are certain to captivate the palate.

A vibrant nightlife is another gem in Myrtle Beach's itinerary. With an array of options such as comedy clubs, dance clubs, live music performances, and beachfront bars, the city ensures that when the sun goes down, the fun doesn't stop.

Shopping and Other Entertainment Choices

Barefoot Landing Myrtle Beach

Shopping lovers are not left out either, with Barefoot Landing and Tanger Outlets offering an extensive range of shops from designer boutiques to quirky souvenir stores. In contrast, the unique local markets offer handcrafted goods and fresh produce.

A visit to Myrtle Beach isn’t complete without enjoying one of the grand live entertainment shows it's famous for. The Carolina Opry, Alabama Theatre, and Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament are some of the hotspots for high-quality performances ranging from country music shows and magic performances to medieval jousting spectacles.

Adding to its appeal as a family-friendly vacation destination, Myrtle Beach presents the Children's Museum of South Carolina. This interactive museum enables children to delve into the world of learning through exciting hands-on exhibits. Activities cover a wide range of topics from science, math, and geography to culture and the arts, making learning a fun adventure for kids.

Brookgreen Gardens, just a 40-minute drive from the center of Myrtle Beach, is another must-visit destination. One of TripAdvisor’s Top 10 Gardens in the US, this combination of botanical gardens, sculpture park, and zoo offers a serene escape from the bustling beach life.

The meticulously manicured gardens are home to a stunning collection of sculptures and a variety of wildlife, including alligators, birds, and butterflies, making it a harmonious blend of art, history, and nature.

Fishing and Festivals

fishing on Myrtle Beach

Fishing enthusiasts fall in love with Myrtle Beach, with numerous fishing charters offering deep-sea adventures. From saltwater fishing off the pier or the coastline, to freshwater fishing in the inland rivers, the city provides countless opportunities to catch a variety of species. It's not uncommon for visitors to haul in impressive catches like flounder, trout, and even the occasional shark.

Additionally, the Myrtle Beach area hosts numerous festivals throughout the year that further energize the city's lively atmosphere. Events such as the "Carolina Country Music Fest" and "Myrtle Beach Food Truck Festival" attract visitors with their enticing blend of music, food, and fun.

And yet, what makes Myrtle Beach really special is the Southern hospitality. The city offers an inviting atmosphere filled with the warm smiles of locals, who are ready and willing to share their city's marvels with those who come to experience them.

In essence, Myrtle Beach is much more than just a beach town; it's a vibrant, living tapestry of experiences. Its sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, lush golf courses, and a spectrum of entertainment options, blend into a picturesque montage of vacation options. A place where every visitor can find a piece of what they love, Myrtle Beach is the epitome of an all-encompassing vacation destination.

Popular Timeshares in the Myrtle Beach Area

Plans to vacation in Myrtle Beach require overnight accommodation, and a Myrtle Beach timeshare offers the best available types with multi-room, condo-style suites providing multiple bedrooms for privacy, kitchens, living rooms and some of the best oceanfront views in the country,

Below are some of the most popular Myrtle Beach timeshare according to offer feedback from our clients:

Wyndham Ocean Boulevard