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Why You Should Buy a Timeshare in Vegas

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Posted on July 21, 2020

Ah, the glitz and the glamour of Las Vegas. The lights, the shows, the games, the Strip. And coming soon, the NFL. Vegas has so much going for it that it seems to be the perfect place to buy a timeshare. But why would Vegas be any different as a timeshare destination than any other vacation destination?

Las Vegas is one of the most unique places on the planet, as anyone who has visited can attest. With so many reasons to return in a timeshare here, it’s tough to generalize even if the easy answer would be looking to the casinos.

Many regions of the country have high repeat visitation, but Vegas attracted 49.5 million visitors last year before COVID hit. This for a metro population region of 2.6 million residents. So there has to be more to it. 

Okay, the Obvious

Let’s just get the casinos front and center to start. Nowhere in the world has the collection and draw to gambling like Las Vegas. With apologies to Macau, Atlantic City and other gambling sites, nothing is quite like The Strip.  An estimated 100 casinos operate in the region, dwarfing the 34 in Macau and Atlantic City’s nine. Monte Carlo’s Casino de Monte-Carlo may be known for its James Bond-esque lure of the uber-rich, but gambling lives and breathes through Vegas.

Once the sporting events are back, the sports books such as the one at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino will also come into play once again. Gamblers can set wagers online on games all they want, but gazing at the dozens of screens and being on the edge of your seat as your team either makes or breaks your stay is part of the adrenaline rush that is Vegas.

Live Entertainment

This is the area probably the most impacted by the COVID outbreak. Cirque Du Soleil at the Bellagio has long been considered at or near the top of the live shows in Vegas, but the company has recently filed for bankruptcy, so their shows may be in doubt. With that said, there are just too many terrific shows for live entertainment not to be a top reason to keep coming back on vacation.

Sure, there is Blue Man Group and other shows such as the tributes to the Beatles and the ever-present specter of The King, Elvis. But the residency shows scheduled for this year with such headliners as Shania Twain, Rod Stewart, Christina Aguilera and Sting bring vacationers back year after year for the next new show.

The Outdoors

What some people may not fully appreciate are the special outdoor activities available during a Las Vegas timeshare vacation. Not only is Vegas considered a primary launching point to the north rim of the Grand Canyon, but there are other terrific attractions to see such as the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and Red Rock Canyon.

Whether it is hiking in the Valley of Fire, kayaking the Colorado River, a round of golf or even snow skiing near Mount Charleston – yes, snow skiing – amazing activities are ready for you during your timeshare vacation.

Outdoor activities for visitors will depend on the time of year, as the desert terrain can push temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit over the summer months.

Sporting Events

Las Vegas welcomes the National Football League this season, barring any delay or scheduling upheaval due to COVID-19, with the relocation of the old Oakland Raiders to now become the Las Vegas Raiders. Timeshare owners, especially those in timeshare points programs, will no doubt be checking the travel schedule of their favorite NFL team to see if they can fit a game into their Vegas vacation.

The National Hockey League has been in Vegas since 2017 with the Golden Knights NHL franchise. There are also college sports played mainly through the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. The NBA also features one of the top summer leagues in the country at the Thomas and Mack Center, showcasing the rookies and up-coming stars on their respective teams.

Vegas is probably best known in the sports world for being the center of the boxing universe for some of the biggest names in the sport. Nowadays, UFC is primarily the combat sport of choice.

NASCAR also has Vegas on its schedule with the Las Vegas Motor Speedway hosting the South Point 400 weekend over September 25-27. Another great event for timeshare owners to plan around.

That's Great, but What About Buying a Timeshare?

So we’ve seen all of the great activities in Vegas, but you still need a place to stay while in town. This is where timeshare ownership gives you the best option, especially on the resale market.

The average daily room rate for a hotel room in Las Vegas last year was just over $132 per night according to Remember, this is the average rate, keeping in mind how limited most hotels rooms are in terms of space and amenities. Over a seven night stay, that would add up to $924 for the week before taxes and fees.

Timeshares, on the other hand, offer multi-room units with multiple bedrooms, large living spaces, kitchens and quality amenities. You can get a timeshare resale at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club on the Boulevard for as little as $5,000 or a points package tied to Wyndham Grand Desert for $3,500. Even factoring in annual fees, when you prorate the costs over years of vacations, a timeshare is a great bet.

If you can’t spend a full week in Vegas, points programs allow for shorter stays when you split up the use of your points. So you can visit Vegas and still have the chance for another short stay in Vegas or another destination at a different time of the year.

Buying a timeshare can also be a great way to secure vacation accommodation during a high demand time period such as New Year’s Eve, or during a popular annual event.  

What about Other Destinations?

The biggest misunderstanding about today’s timeshare product is that you are locked into the same place at the same time every year for vacations. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Today’s points programs provide the most flexible vacation products on the market. Offered by leading hospitality operators such as Marriott, Hilton and Wyndham, timeshare points programs allow the owner to travel anywhere within the company’s network of branded timeshare resorts. So, for example, a Marriott points owner looking to stay at Marriott's Grand Chateau could book there or at any of the 50+ resorts in the Marriott timeshare network.

Flexible Exchange Options

Even an owner who decided to buy a timeshare week at a specific resort has options through exchange companies such as RCI or Interval International. These exchange platforms operate more like travel clubs these days, allowing an owner to turn over the use of their timeshare in a given year in exchange for the use of a unit in a different resort.  This opens up the possibilities of international travel at significantly reduced costs, since you have already paid for your accommodation.

The exchange companies have also rolled out their own versions of points programs and upgraded levels of membership, allowing an owner to tap into alternatives such as cruises or hotels in areas that timeshares are not available. You can even book travel products such as airfare or rental cars at discounted rates through membership.

With all of the great reasons to take a Las Vegas vacation, and the many benefits of timeshare accommodation, it makes sense to marry them up. Now all you need is Elvis to conduct the ceremony.

FAQ on Buying a Timeshare in Las Vegas


Are Timeshares Really Worth It?

Timeshares are definitely worth it especially if you buy them on the resale market. Like most items, the worth is tied into the price and the ability to use the product, along with the satisfaction you get when you use it. Timeshares are the same, but problems can arise when owners either think they’ve paid too much or can’t use them. With timeshare resales, these issues are significantly reduced.

Prices on the resale market are 50-60 percent less than the retail prices at the resorts because the resort prices include marketing costs and sales commissions that need to be recovered through the sale. That 50-60% margin is eliminated on the resale market, so that’s thousands of dollars saved by buying resale.

Some timeshares are even more discounted, so it also depends on variables such as the type and location of the resort and the size of the unit as to whether you think you’ve scored a bargain.

Using your timeshare each year also plays a big part in determining the worth of a timeshare. Because this is a use product, if you don’t use it you may think it is not worth it. But taking an annual vacation is proven to improve physical and mental health, so timeshares tend to ensure that you remain healthy as you take a vacation each year.

Sometimes it is not possible to take a vacation at the same time each year. With today’s timeshare products, there is flexibility built into the programs so you will be able to adjust your vacation schedule as needed. Even using an exchange provider such as RCI, Interval International or 7Across allows you to exchange your timeshare for another one at a different time of the year.

Are there any Benefits to Owning a Timeshare?

Some benefits are more tangible than others when it comes to owning a timeshare. For instance, timeshare basically pushes you into taking a vacation each year because you’ve prepaid for the use of your timeshare. The health benefits of taking a vacation each year are well documented, with men who do not vacation more likely to suffer a heart attack and women more likely to have hearth disease. Annual vacations reduce these outcomes and improve overall health, in addition to reducing the effects of burnout and improving job performance.

Timeshares also deliver much better accommodations than the usual hotel stay, with multiple rooms, proper bedrooms, spacious living spaces, living rooms and full kitchens to enjoy. The two-bedroom unit configuration is by far the most popular, and timeshares provide more of a vacation home experience but with all of the resort perks.

Owning a timeshare assures you of years of quality vacations at today’s prices, hedging against inflation and future increases in vacation accommodation costs. Plus, when the purchase price and annual costs are prorated over the years of ownership, it actually costs less per year to take a vacation than it would to rent a timeshare or book a comparable hotel unit – if you can find one. But the cost savings depend on whether you purchase through the resort or buy resale, since timeshare resales are 50-60 percent less than resort prices due to the sales and marketing overhead costs included in the resort prices.

For example, let’s look at the Grandview at Last Vegas timeshare resort. The average cost of buying a timeshare week through resorts is a shade under $23,000 according to the American Resort Development Association. However, you can find Grandview at Last Vegas timeshares for sale on our site for as little as $5,000 for a two-bedroom unit. Factoring in an annual maintenance fee of $900 a year, the total cost prorated over a 20-year period would average out to $1,150 each year, or $164 per night, for a week in Vegas in a two-bedroom, condo-style unit. Compare that to the lowest $1,400 rate for a week in a studio room at the Bellagio and you get the point.

What is the Best Timeshare in Las Vegas?

This depends on several variables such as whether you want to be on the Strip, close to the Strip or distanced from the Strip. Do you want an onsite casino or are you happy to walk or ride to one? What onsite amenities do you need (swimming pool, spa, restaurants, etc.)? How large of a unit do you need?

Much of this also depends on whether you have a brand affiliation that you prefer. For instance, a Club Wyndham membership gives you access to the famed Harrah’s Las Vegas resort on Las Vegas Blvd as well as spots just off the Strip such as Club Wyndham Grand Desert. Marriott’s Grand Chateau is just a half-block off the Strip, as is Elara by Hilton Grand Vacations Club. With memberships in top timeshare brands, you will not only have access to great resorts on or near the strip, but options to stay in other resorts in the area in case you are looking for a different experience.

If an onsite casino and entertainment venue is important to you, the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino could be your answer. Home to the famous Westgate Sports Book, the resort features a 95,000 square foot casino along with multiple restaurants, live shows and Serenity Spa – all just a block from the Strip.

How do Timeshares work in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas timeshares work the same way timeshares work in other cities and regions around the world. Most operate as resort hospitality venues with the accompanying swimming pools, bars and restaurants, etc. that resorts usually provide. The different is that you will find condo-style, multi-room units with more space and comfort than the usual hotel room.

You would buy a timeshare in one of these resorts, which gives you a guaranteed vacation unit at the time of year you prefer. You could also buy into a vacation club program such as Hilton Grand Vacations or Club Wyndham, giving you a choice of resorts from which to choose in Las Vegas.

Other popular timeshare venues such as the Jockey Club are single site timeshare facilities which operate more like a residential condo facility – giving you comfortable accommodation with access to all the terrific activities available in Vegas.

Once you have bought your timeshare or club membership, you would reserve your week within the resort’s booking system and plan for your next Vegas vacation.

What is Vegas Timeshare?

Vegas timeshare is a form of vacation accommodation where you share ownership of a resort with other owners and guarantee the use of a vacation unit in Las Vegas every year. This is the perfect option for people who love to travel to Vegas each year for their annual pilgrimage to the casinos, live shows or any other activity that makes Vegas one of the post popular vacation destinations in the world.

Timeshare resorts in Las Vegas operate the same way other timeshares function, where you would be provided a week of vacation time to stay in a unit at the time designated in your purchase. Whether you own a fixed week in a specific unit or a floating week during a particular season, you would reserve your timeshare with the resort or management company and take your vacation in a similar manner to any other resort.

Even if you don’t vacation annually in Vegas or occasionally look for different destinations, a Vegas timeshare can be a great tool to use for vacations around the world. Exchange providers such as RCI, 7Across or Interval International let you exchange the use of your timeshare to stay in other resorts around the world. RCI has about 4,000 resorts within its network, while II has about 3,000 – more options than you’ll ever need in your lifetime to explore buck list destinations.


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