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    Orlando Timeshares - A Great Way to Vacation!

    Orlando is the most popular vacation destination in the United States. With year-round sunshine, close proximity to numerous theme parks and a short drive to the beach, it's a great place for both adults and families to relax.

    For a majority of vacation-seekers, a trip to Orlando will require a place to stay overnight, and for many it can require a stay of more than three nights. The value of staying at a luxurious timeshare goes beyond what you will find in a hotel. Resort amenities, activities and larger accommodations are just a few of the reasons why staying in a timeshare can be a great option.

    If you are in the market to either buy or sell an Orlando timeshare, we can help! Our team of licensed timeshare resale agents have diverse timeshare backgrounds and many have previously worked at various timeshare resorts in Orlando. This valuable experience can help a buyer find the perfect Orlando timeshare to purchase, as well as assisting sellers to sell their Orlando-based timeshares.

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    Orlando timeshares may be found throughout the area, notably in the surrounding communities of Lake Buena Vista and Kissimmee. There is a large selection of timeshares to satisfy needs of vacationers, including condo-style and resort-style timeshares. With so many options available, it can be difficult to find information about the different timeshares in Orlando.

    By using the services of an Orlando timeshare broker, you can feel confident that a licensed real estate agent will be handling your transaction every step of the way. We make our money through a commission when the transaction closes, and never charge an upfront fee. To learn more about our services, please give us a call on 877-624-6889 or fill out the contact form and an agent will contact you shortly.

    FAQ About Orlando Timeshares


    How Much is a Timeshare in Florida?

    There is such variation in the types of timeshares in Florida that it is nearly impossible to give a general average of the cost of a timeshare in Florida. The Sunshine State is home to a quarter of all timeshare resorts in the United States, and Orlando is considered the timeshare capital of the country. The variety of locations along with brand affiliations and the age of the resorts have a substantial impact on how much a timeshare in Florida, and an Orlando timeshare, is worth.

    However, the American Resort Development Association estimates that the average cost of a week of timeshare bought through the resorts is nearly $23,000, so that should give you a reasonable idea of what the resorts charge for timeshare.

    But – and that’s a big BUT – this is an estimated average of the resort prices and not the price of a timeshare on the resale market. The resale prices are discounted from 50-60% because of sales commissions and marketing costs which are baked into the resort retail prices. This increases the resort prices way above the resale costs, with some resales discounted even deeper. Best to check our selection of Orlando timeshares for sale to see what owners are asking to sell their timeshares.

    Are Orlando Timeshares Worth It?

    Especially for families, Orlando timeshares are worth it for anyone who enjoys annual vacations in quality, condo-style accommodations with multiple bedrooms, living areas, kitchens and modern conveniences. This beats staying in a cramped hotel room sharing a pizza on the bed every night.

    With timeshares, the worth of the product is often based on the price paid compared to the quality and experience of the product. With Orlando timeshares, the good news is that some of the best resorts in the country are located here and all of the major brands such as Disney, Wyndham, Marriott and Hilton have terrific resorts in the area.

    Resale prices make the worth of timeshares very comparable to, and in many cases better than, staying in hotels. Even factoring in annual maintenance fees, the prorated average nightly cost of a timeshare can be under $200 a night over a 20-year ownership period – this for a multi-room vacation apartment with the amenities of a top-notch resort.

    How Does a Timeshare Work?

    This depends on the resort and the type of timeshare product. Timeshares essentially come in two types of products, weeks and points ownership. With weeks, the owner vacations in their home resort either during a specific week each year or by choosing a week within a certain season. With points, the owner can select either a week or multiple, shorter stays such as long weekends and use their points to book a stay from a selection of weeks and/or resorts within their program.

    Unlike most destinations that are limited due to their geographical limitations, such as Cape Cod or Ocean City, Orlando timeshare owners can enjoy their timeshare experience throughout the year. This is a big advantage and makes timeshares in Orlando such a flexible and high demand product.

    With many of the more traditional, single site resorts, all it takes is an email or phone call to book your week. With the larger programs such as Marriott Vacation Club, Club Wyndham and Disney timeshares, owners book through reservation platforms and are provided options based on their requested vacation dates. Once confirmed, the vacation proceeds like any other vacation.

    Timeshares also have on-going owner commitments such as annual maintenance fees to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of the resorts. However, with the benefits of guaranteed vacations along with the safety, cleanliness and security of these resorts, the overall prorated costs over the term of the ownership makes this a terrific way to vacation each year.

    What Happens when you Pay Off Your Timeshare?

    Once the loan attached to the original timeshare purchase is paid off, you would own your timeshare clear of any liens like you would any other type of financed product. This makes it easier to sell a timeshare when it is time to transition out of your ownership, since loans attached to a timeshare make it very difficult to sell.

    Keep in mind that the annual maintenance fees or annual dues still need to be paid even if the original loan is paid off, since the ongoing fees are separate and go to the upkeep of the resorts rather than financing the original purchase.

    What is the Best Way to Sell Timeshare?

    The best way to sell a timeshare, especially an Orlando timeshare, is through a licensed timeshare resale broker for a number of reasons:

    • No upfront fees – the seller pays nothing in advance in order to sell.
    • Licensed agents – take care of all the negotiation and preparation of paperwork.
    • Regulatory safeguards – licensed by their state’s real estate regulatory oversight office. That is peace of mind for sellers.
    • Commissions – agents are paid only after the sale, which gives them extra motivation to close the deal.
    • Promotion and Networking – agents promote timeshares online and work with a network of other brokers around the country to find buyers and put deals together.

    Very few options offer the type of services and consumer protections that licensed timeshare resale agents provide when selling a timeshare.

    How Do I Sell My Timeshare in Florida?

    Selling a timeshare in Florida is basically the same as selling a timeshare in any other state. However, because of the popularity of the product and the abundance of timeshare resorts in Florida, the industry is much more regulated in Florida for timeshare resales than in most other states.

    This is great news for sellers since state regulators are sensitive to the needs and protections of owners looking to sell. This especially pertains to timeshare resale brokers, who are licensed under Florida real estate law and regulated under the Florida Division of Real Estate.

    Owners can sell their timeshare in a few ways, whether selling themselves, using a third-party advertising service or hiring a licensed timeshare resale broker. Selling yourself means you will need to promote it and find a buyer yourself, whereas an advertising service would charge ad fees in advance. Brokers operate on a commission-only basis in the state of Florida, meaning there are no upfront fees and payment is only made after a timeshare sells.

    Finding buyers is the most challenging aspect of selling a timeshare, which is why selling it yourself can be a tough proposition, even in a high demand location such as Orlando. Using an advertising company is an option, especially if you have a popular timeshare, but you will need to weigh up your chances to sell compared to paying the ad fee upfront. This is why using a licensed agent is such an attractive choice.

    Along with working on commission, agents take a listing, market your timeshare, handle the negotiation and prepare the paperwork after a sale is completed. The deal is then referred to a reputable closing company and all the seller needs to do is agree to the sale, sign the paperwork and wait for the deal to be closed.

    Sellers can contact us by calling 877-624-6889 or filling out the form on this page for a no cost consultation.

    How Much Does a Timeshare in Orlando Cost?

    Because of the variety of timeshare resorts in Orlando, the differences in branded vs non-branded resorts and the age of some of the resorts, there is no real way to gauge an average cost of an Orlando timeshare. Most averages you may see are within a particular brand, such as Wyndham timeshares or Disney timeshares, but they are usually a brand-wide, entry-level price point and not for a particular city such as Orlando. Plus- these would be developer prices and not take into account resales.

    The prices of Orlando timeshare resales are significantly discounted because, well, they are resales. Private owners advertise their timeshare for sale or hire a licensed broker to sell it for them, so the prices are discounted as much as 70% in some cases. This is because resort prices include marketing and sales costs that the resort recoups through the sale – costs that don’t exist on the resale market.

    Nationally – the average price of a timeshare week is nearly $23,000 according to the American Resort Development Association. This would be an average of reported developer prices, so subtract the 50-70% overhead and you have a decent starting point for timeshare resales.

    Does Universal Orlando have Timeshare?

    No, Universal Orlando does not have timeshare resorts affiliated with the theme park, only hotels. There are Orlando timeshare resorts nearby Universal such as Wyndham Orlando International, Bluegreen Orlando Sunshine or Westgate Palace Resort, but they are independent of Universal.

    What is the Closest Timeshare to Disney World?

    If you are using the Magic Kingdom park within Disney World as your reference point, then the closest timeshares would be the timeshare villas in Disney’s Grand Floridian, Disney Polynesian Villas and Disney's Contemporary Resort Bay Lake Tower. If you are looking for Orlando timeshares not affiliated with Disney but close to Disney World, Wyndham Bonnet Creek is technically on Disney property and close to Disney Springs and Epcot Center. Otherwise, Orange Lake Resort is on the southern side near Animal Kingdom.

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