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Sell Your Grand Pacific Timeshare

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    Sell Grand Pacific Timeshare

    With a fantastic selection of timeshare resorts in California and Hawaii, owners know that Grand Pacific Resorts provides high quality vacations stretching from Tahoe to Coronado and across to Kauai. Owners also know that, even with these great options, the need to sell Grand Pacific timeshare eventually comes.

    Maybe you just don’t vacation like you used to. Perhaps you’ve had changes to your family or finances. Owners sell timeshare for a variety of reasons, but the safe place they come to when the need to sell is Timeshare Broker Associates.

    Our commission-only, no upfront fee structure means that we do all the work first and you don’t pay until we sell your Grand Pacific timeshare. All negotiations, paperwork, deposits and referrals to the closing company are done by us. You just cash in after the sale.

    So let us work to sell Grand Pacific timeshare for you by finding your new owner. The process begins when you fill out our information form so we can discuss your resale needs with you. 

    Your Choice of Vacations

    When we sell a Grand Pacific timeshare, we begin by explaining the benefits that create these amazing vacations. With Grand Pacific timeshares, you will be able to enjoy unparalleled vacation experiences while keeping the flexibility to travel when and where you want to go. Each timeshare is broken down into either points or a week stay based upon your purchase. You get to decide when and where you plan to travel, as well as the size of the accommodations that you will need.

    Not only will a stay at one of the Grand Pacific timeshare resorts offer you a luxurious and home-like stay, having a timeshare is a great incentive to take time off and enjoy your vacation.

    You can use your Grand Pacific timeshare to spend a week at a specific resort or exchange it for additional weeks or nights elsewhere with the Grand Pacific Exchange. Once there, the resorts have a variety of amenities, room layouts, and concierge services to help you make the most of your vacation time.

    Selected Resorts

    Capistrano SurfSide Inn

    Capistrano SurfSide Inn is just one of many beautiful places in the resort family along the California coast.

    It is just minutes away from Dana Point Harbor and Doheny State Beach. If you want a family vacation, everyone will love time at nearby destinations such as the San Diego Zoo, Disneyland, and Sea World. You'll be able to make the most of your time at the neighboring beach with bike and boogie board rentals from the resort.

    This family-friendly resort has both one and two-bedroom apartments, some of which overlook the Pacific Ocean. A balcony is included with outdoor furnishings.

    Kauai Beach Villas

    Nowhere says tropical paradise quite like Hawaii. The Kauai Beach Villas are just a few miles away from the airport and within a quick walk of some of the island's most beautiful beaches. You'll experience days of beautiful explorations both on and off the water, with hiking trails, helicopter tours, zip-lining, and sunset or fishing cruises in the Pacific waters.

    A two-bedroom condo at Kauai Beach Villas can accommodate up to six people in a tropically-furnished living space. Other amenities include a lanai, a ceiling fan, Wi-Fi, and a flatscreen TV.

    Tahoe Beach & Ski Club

    The cabin-style residences at the Tahoe Beach & Ski Club are an outdoor dream at any time of year. Depending on the season, winter sports enthusiasts, hikers, mountain bikers, and nature lovers will have their pick of slopes and trails to satisfy their craving for the great outdoors.

    No matter what size your party happens to be, the flexible room options for 2 - 6 guests will give you the right place to spend your Lake Tahoe vacation.

    These are just a few of the fabulous resorts in the Grand Pacific family and you can find out more about how to purchase or sell Grand Pacific timeshare by calling us on 877-624-6889.

    Sell Your Grand Pacific Timeshare

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