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How To Sell A Marriott Timeshare

If you are a Marriott timeshare owner, then you know the value and quality of the vacations that Marriott Vacation Club offers.

Eventually, life events change and owning a Marriott timeshare may no longer be as practical as it once was. If you are considering selling a Marriott timeshare, you may be looking into your options and researching resale companies.

Reputable Marriott Resale Services

Timeshare Broker Associates is a licensed timeshare resale brokerage specializing in Marriot timeshare resales. Our experienced sales agents have been selling Marriott timeshares for years, including the Destination Points ownerships. We can provide you with an assessment of the resale market value and at what price your timeshare is most likely to sell.

We do not charge an up-front fee! Our brokerage earns a commission at the time of sale for every Marriott timeshare we sell.

We also work with reputable closing services that will work directly with Marriott with their Right of First Refusal (ROFR). Once the transaction has cleared the ROFR stage, they will hold the buyer's funds in escrow, prepare closing paperwork for both parties, record the new deed and notify Marriott of the change in ownership.

For more information on selling your Marriott timeshare, please give us a call or fill out our form and a licensed Marriott resale specialist will reach out to gather the specifics on your ownership to assist with your resale solution.

Sell Your Marriott Timeshare

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