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Diamond Timeshare

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Diamond Resorts offers unparalleled variety and value to its members. Whether they are seeking a South African safari, a ski adventure in the Alps or a retreat in the New Hampshire countryside, members can vacation however they want.

Using a Licensed Diamond Resale Agent

When you choose a Diamond Resorts timeshare for sale, you are taking advantage of a flexible, points-based system that puts all of the advantages on your side. Plus, by using the services of our licensed agents here at Timeshare Broker Associates, we can help you find the perfect points package that meets all of your vacation needs. 

And for those who are looking to sell their Diamond Resorts points, our commission-based, no upfront fee process gives you a convenient and simple way to find a buyer for your ownership.

Variety and Flexibility

Vacationers choose Diamond Resorts because of the stunning breadth of destinations that is included in the membership. From North and South America to Australia and everywhere in between, members are free to select the type of vacation, climate and landscape that suits them. They can golf on one vacation, ski on another and enjoy endless desert vistas on a third. The mysterious, exotic Far East is put within easy reach and so are the family friendly attractions of Orlando. For variety, it's impossible to beat this vacation club.

The properties included in this collection are as varied as the destinations themselves. Guests may find themselves installed in a cozy cottage on the Irish countryside or in a high rise on New York's famed Rockefeller Center. Regardless, guests experience the best in accommodations from plush linens to state-of-the-art technology. Rooms are frequently equipped with full kitchens to make preparing homemade meals a snap. Most also have a private balcony or patio for enjoying a quiet cup of coffee. Accommodations that can keep a large group comfortable are available as are escapes that are designed just for two.

Find Out More about Diamond Timeshares

When you choose a Diamond Resorts timeshare resale, you'll be able to vacation however you like for years to come. That's because Diamond Resorts offers unparalleled flexibility and variety for the discriminating traveler. Learn more about how this vacation club could change your life, or to sell Diamond resorts timeshare by contacting our licensed agents here at Timeshare Broker Associates. 

Diamond FAQ

Will Diamond Resorts Buy Back Timeshare?

Diamond Resorts has a program designed to help Diamond timeshare owners call Transitions, but to our knowledge they do not buy back timeshares from owners. The program is in place to help owners looking to transition out of their ownership, and several criteria must be met in order to quality.

However, this is for owners who want to give back their timeshare with no compensation involved. Otherwise known as a deed back, the owner essentially deeds the ownership back to Diamond, who allows the owner to walk away from their ownership and the on-going obligations. If owners want to receive some compensation for their Diamond timeshare, they can sell it on the resale market.

Can I Cancel My Diamond Resorts Timeshare?

Diamond owners are able to apply to Diamond to hand back ownership of their timeshare, which will basically cancel their Diamond timeshare ownership if they are accepted into the program. Known as Transitions, an owner contacts Diamond to see if they quality for the Transitions program.

Several criteria are in place, such as the ownership must be up to date on all annual fees, no loans or liens on their timeshare, and free and clear title to the ownership. Keep in mind that this Diamond cancellation program is separately run by Diamond and does not involve so-called timeshare exit companies which charge owners thousands of dollars claiming to be able to cancel their ownership.

Diamond states that working with these companies forfeits an owner’s ability to qualify for the program. Since Diamond offers the program at no cost to owners, it doesn’t make sense for owners to pay an exit company for something they can do themselves by contacting Diamond.

Who is Diamond Resorts Owned By?

Diamond Resorts was purchased by Hilton Grand Vacations in August of 2021, so Hilton now owns Diamond. This is evident even from a casual visit to the Diamond Resorts website, as the message about the new owner is the first thing that appears on the page. Integration plans are still being developed as to how Hilton plans to incorporate Diamond owners into the fold. However, Diamond owners can continue to use their Diamond points to vacation as before.

How Much are Diamond Resorts Maintenance Fees?

Because of the points-based nature of Diamond timeshare ownership, the amount of maintenance fees can vary depending on the number of points you own. The more points you own, the more you’ll pay. But remember that higher point allotments get owners into larger units.

So, in looking at averages, and understanding that the most popular unit layout is a two-bedroom unit configuration, the average Diamond Resorts maintenance fee would be about $1,400 - $1,500 per year for about a week’s worth of timeshare, assuming about 8000 points.

Even owners of fixed or floating weeks at Diamond resorts can use this amount as a gauge for what to expect. Overall, the average maintenance fee cost is just over $1,000 according to the American Resort Development Association.

This is why buying Diamond timeshare or points on the resale market is the best way to go. Finding resale deals which can save you 60-70% off retail costs lets you vacation each year for basically the cost of the maintenance fees when prorated out over the life of the ownership. At $200/night for a two-bedroom unit in an amazing resort such as Diamond Resorts Mystic Dunes Resort & Golf Club, that’s a great deal.

How Do I Sell My Diamond Resorts Timeshare?

There are only a few ways you can sell your Diamond Resorts timeshare since you cannot sell your timeshare back to Diamond (as we mentioned in our earlier answer). Generally you can sell it yourself, use the services of an online advertising company or list it with a timeshare broker. There are advantages and drawbacks to each avenue, so take a look and judge for yourself which way makes the most sense to you.

Selling Diamond timeshare yourself means you handle everything, from the marketing and promotion to the sale negotiation and facilitating the closing process. Some owners may have friends or family willing to take it, or you can try social media or traditional marketing means such as newspaper or radio advertising and even talking to your resort. Because Diamond doesn’t buy back, the resort will be of little help. And ask yourself where buyers are most likely to be looking for timeshares? That pretty much leaves out traditional advertising.

Using an online advertising company makes more sense, since they use targeted search marketing techniques aimed at consumers actively looking for timeshare. Since over 90 percent of consumers start their travel research online, this gives you a leg up compared to other means. The issue becomes cost, since you’ll be paying in advance for advertising like you would for any other type of product advertising, with no guarantee that it will work. Plus, you’ll still need to do all of the negotiating yourself.

Timeshare resale brokers can offer the same online marketing advantages as adverting companies, without the upfront fees. Most brokers are licensed real estate agents, so they abide by state regulatory requirements and do not charge upfront fees to list timeshares, meaning you can advertise your ownership with costs paid after a sale is closed.

And the agents do all the work, from the paperwork to the negotiation of the deal and the facilitation of the paperwork with the closing company. The cost can be higher than when using an advertising company, but owners are usually okay with it if it means it sells and they don’t have to do all the work.