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El Cid Resorts

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If you are looking for an exclusive Mexican getaway, El Cid Resorts offer unforgettable experiences at seven Mexican resorts in beloved destinations: Cancun, Riviera Maya, Cozumel and Mazatlan. You'll be able to explore these beautiful coastal destinations - their history, their culture, and the wildlife that calls these places home. 

Mazatlan is known as the "Pearl of the Pacific" and El Cid has four beach-front resorts where you can watch the sunset from your back patio or from a special sunset cruise out over the ocean. The El Cid Resorts in this city offer both all-inclusive and elite all-inclusive meal plans, day passes for guests at special events, and let you experience the history, shopping, dining, and eco-tours that make this city stand out among the Mexican locations. 

Amazing Riviera Maya 

The Hotel Marina El Cid in Riviera Maya is ideal for El Cid Resorts’ timeshare owners looking for an escape from the tourist center of Cancun while still enjoying the same Mayan ruins, stunning white-sand beaches, and unforgettable underwater worlds of the Mexican Caribbean. Enjoy a snorkeling or scuba diving tour of the world's second largest coral reef. 

Twelve miles off the shore of the Mexican coast, the island of Cozumel is another eastern resort destination where you can spend your days relaxing on white sand beaches, scuba diving in colorful coral reefs, and exploring ancient Mayan ruins and historical sites. For shopping and nightlife, the town of San Miguel is your go-to place when you have a timeshare here. 

Flexible Club Membership 

The El Cid Vacations Club will help you get the most out of your timeshare. The timeshare points system allows you to build up currency that is then spent how and where you want to go, so you are not limited to a specific resort or time of year. This lets you experience any of the three resort destinations and opens you, your family, friends, and other guests to see more of Mexico's hottest vacation locales than ever before. 

The added all-inclusive plans are another bonus of buying El Cid Resorts timeshare. Meals, drinks, and even entertainment are all waiting for you when you arrive so you can spend more time enjoying yourself and less time worrying about where to eat and what to do. Each resort has its own activities program, calendar of events, live festivities, and special occasions so you can customize your visit and plan ahead for some events even before you arrive. 

Ultimately, the timeshares at one of these amazing Mexican resorts will soon become a favorite and beloved way to vacation and return for more adventure and interesting excursions every year. Not only will you find new things to try on each return trip, but you will also be able to enjoy old favorites and spend time at a luxurious suite in a beautiful resort.