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Wyndham Timeshare Cancellation

Purchasing a Wyndham timeshare is an important decision, as is exiting your ownership if your travel needs change. Before canceling your Wyndham timeshare, it’s essential to understand the options available to you. It’s also important to know that there are dishonest companies in the industry and to educate yourself on how to avoid them. Here are some things to consider while contemplating a Wyndham timeshare cancellation:

Wyndham Cares vs. Third-Party Timeshare Exit Companies

While Wyndham Cares offers owners exit options that are safe and approved by the developer, there are third-party timeshare exit companies that falsely claim they can also get you out of your Wyndham timeshare.

These third-party timeshare exit companies cannot guarantee that you can cancel your timeshare contract. Many timeshare exit companies make unfounded promises for a huge upfront fee. In most cases these companies cannot do anything that you can’t already do yourself by contacting Wyndham directly. There is no reason to use an exit company that requires an upfront fee for a Wyndham timeshare cancellation. Doing so would likely only result in you getting separated from your money without an actual timeshare cancellation.

Try Selling Your Wyndham Timeshare Instead

Why cancel the timeshare when you can sell it on the resale market? Selling your Wyndham timeshare may allow you to recoup money from your timeshare purchase. The process is relatively simple if you work with a reputable licensed timeshare resale brokerage such as Timeshare Broker Associates. We oversee the entire process from start to finish and only get paid at closing when your timeshare is sold.

Timeshare Broker Associates is a Featured Reseller for Wyndham. We use our network of timeshare brokers and other resale avenues to find interested buyers for your timeshare. To begin, we’ll need to know the details of your ownership — whether your timeshare is deeded or non-deeded, fixed week or points-based, and if it is paid in full or if you still owe a mortgage.

At Timeshare Broker Associates, we employ a team of professional, licensed real estate agents and never charge an upfront listing fee to sell your timeshare. We work on a traditional, commission-based real estate model and are only paid after your timeshare is sold.

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