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Posted on July 14, 2022

Founded in 1966 originally as Patten Realty, Bluegreen Resorts has been a leader in creating vacation memories for couples and families alike through its vacation club. 

Now corporately known as Bluegreen Vacations, the Bluegreen Vacation Club started its vacation ownership journey in 1994 with MountainLoft, a beautiful resort with suites and quaint townhomes within the Smoky Mountains located near Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Since then, the Bluegreen timeshare operation has partnered with Bass Pro Shops to help the company extend its offerings to clients looking for a more outdoors-based vacation lifestyle. 

With over 60 resorts nationwide, 220,000+ members as well as an affiliation with RCI to offer worldwide vacations. Bluegreen Resorts continues to commit to flexibility, eco-friendly, and high-tech solutions for its members. 

How Does Bluegreen Vacation Club Work?

view from resort looking over lake

Bluegreen Vacation Club uses a very flexible points-based system. When you purchase a deeded timeshare with Bluegreen, you receive an annual allotment of points to use as currency to book accommodation within the Bluegreen network. The amount of points you receive annually depends on the level at which you become a member as well as the specific home resort your points are deeded to. Point levels are assigned to certain resorts based on a few factors such as location and demand for the resort. 

The number of points you need for a stay depends on considerations like the time of the year, specific resort location, unit size and chosen length of stay. For example, you may need more points to stay at Bluegreen’s Wilderness Club at Big Cedar in Ridgedale, Missouri over the summer because it is one of the more popular resorts Bluegreen has to offer. 

Some things to consider when you buy a Bluegreen timeshare are costs that come with ownership: (a) initial purchase for the membership, (b) annual maintenance fees, and (c) annual club dues. 

Maintenance fees go towards repairs and regular upkeep to the property such as landscaping, amenities, and insurance and tax payments. Club dues are what you pay each year for administrative purposes and the maintain all the benefits you receive for being a Bluegreen owner. Again, each of these fees are based on the number of points you have. 

Benefits of Bluegreen Vacation Club

rooftop terrace overlooking New Orleans

Becoming a Bluegreen Vacation Club member has many amazing benefits. One great feature about the way Bluegreen’s point system works is that you can bank points or borrow points to fulfill your dream travel destinations! 

Use your Bluegreen points to vacation at any of the resorts on offer in the resort network. This is what makes this Club so special since you are not locked into traveling to the same resort every year. You can even split up your points to take multiple, short-stay breaks during the year. 

As you’re most likely familiar with timeshares, they are much more spacious than an average hotel room and come with many more amenities. Bluegreen timeshares offer one-, two-, and three-bedroom suites as well as cabins, modern yurts, and more. These villas come with amenities such as balconies, full kitchens, separate living and dining rooms, washer/dryer, and smart TVs. 

Each resort also comes with its own unique amenities. For instance, The Fountains in Orlando, FL offers kid’s activities, an indoor heated pool, a spa, and a poolside bar, just to name a few. Since The Fountains is a part of the Amusement Collection at Bluegreen, the staff also help with attractions like Disney Theme Parks, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld. 

As mentioned before, Bluegreen Resorts has partnered with RCI to be able to bring guests the wonderful opportunity of traveling internationally with their points. RCI allows owners to deposit points in return for a stay at an RCI-affiliated resort of their choice either domestically or overseas. Bluegreen owners can also become a Traveler Plus Member to have the opportunity to book up to 10 months in advance, save at restaurants, and on rental cars from top brands. 

Below are some of Bluegreen’s most loved resorts: 

Bluegreen Resort’s Christmas Mountain Village

cabin at Christmas Mountain village

As a part of Bluegreen’s Great Outdoors Collection, Bluegreen Resort’s Christmas Mountain Village is for all nature lovers. Located in Wisconsin Dells, this resort offers access to ski runs, 27 holes of golf, an indoor pool, and an outdoor heated pool. 

Quaint cabins, cottages, villas, timbers, and townhomes are all available with home-like qualities. Experience home away from home when you get access to a fully equipped kitchen, washer/dryer, a cozy fireplace, and a private balcony. 

Bluegreen Resort’s Mountain Loft Resort

resort in Smoky Mountains

This is the resort that started it all for Bluegreen and now it is your turn to experience it. Discover the Great Smoky Mountains during any time of the year with over 900 miles of hiking trails, fishing, and beautiful views. When the leaves begin to fall, these mountains turn into a kaleidoscope of color before morphing into exhilarating ski slopes. 

Bluegreen Resort’s Mountain Loft Resort offers standard suites as well as one-, two-, and three-bedroom townhomes to accommodate all your needs. High-quality guest services and amenities make Bluegreen unique which is why full baths and kitchens, master suites, and separate living areas make Bluegreen timeshares a worthwhile stay. 

Bluegreen Resort’s The Fountains