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Best Way to Sell Disney Points

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Posted on June 10, 2021

Disney Vacation Club is one of the leading timeshare and vacation ownership programs in the world, with quality accommodations, brand loyalty and affiliated entertainment options that provide unrivaled vacation experiences. But with all ownership products, the time eventually comes when owners decide to sell, even a product as popular as Disney timeshares. For owners looking for the best way to sell Disney points, there are a few tactics to consider.

Understand Why You Want to Sell

Owners decide to sell their Disney points for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you are at a time in your life that you no longer take annual Disney vacations or find it difficult to manage the theme parks. Maybe your finances have changed and you need to reallocate funds for other items. Has your family changed and the kids are not interested in taking over your DVC points, strange as that may seem?

Whatever the reason, it is important to understand why you want to sell because this will impact your expectations and how you manage the process. As with all vacation ownership products, it can take time to sell your points and process the transaction. The good news is that Disney timeshare points are some of the quickest products to sell because of the popularity and the perceived value of the program.

Finances can largely affect the urgency to sell compared to other reasons such as family or health-related motivations. Try not to become frustrated when selling your Disney points and let the process take its course, since patience is a definite virtue. The closing process alone can take up to 90 days just to close the sale, so keep in mind that it can take a while even after a buyer agrees to purchase your points.   

Clarify your Ownership with Disney

It is important to understand exactly what you own before you place your Disney points for sale on the resale market. Many owners don’t know the intricate details of their ownership, and because points are deeded to a specific resort it is important to clarify what you own with Disney to make sure there are no underlying circumstances that may impact your ability to sell.

Contact Disney and ask for a Vacation Points Activity Statement. This will explain your current status and the overall number of points you own.

Disney requires points to be sold in their total amount and not be divided into smaller amounts when sold. You may own more points than you use in a given year, depending on the size of the unit and time of year that you take a vacation, so get your details so you can give the most accurate information to your prospective buyer. 

Keep Your Fees Updated and Account Active

To sell Disney points, your account must be in good standing. All annual fees, maintenance fees and/or club dues need to be paid up in order to sell and have the sale approved by Disney, so make sure your payments are up to date and your account is active.

If you have taken out a loan to pay for your points, your loan needs to be paid off in full for the sale to be approved.

You may have changed your email address or phone number since you purchased your Disney points, so you will also want to keep your contact details up to date so the sales process can move as smooth as possible.

Remember that points that have been banked with Disney will be transferred to the new owner once the sale is closed, so decide whether you will want to use them in the current use year. Otherwise, your reservation will be cancelled when the points are transferred to the new owner. Same goes for any reservations you may have with exchange company RCI or any other exchange provider.

Get a Market Value for Your Points

Getting a proper handle on the resale value of a points package is always the number one question owners have when the begin the process, and Disney points owners are no exception. Every owner wants to know how much their Disney points are worth, and pricing your points for resale is the most important part of the process.

No matter how many points you have, or the resort at which they are deeded, if the price is too high or not in line with the current market value, it can be difficult to sell Disney points. Searching online to see what others are asking for their points can be a start, but many owners price their points above market value. It is best to ask a professional for advice and if you speak with a licensed timeshare resale broker it won’t cost you anything to get that advice. Some owners feel the need to pay for an appraisal, but it’s not necessary when a broker can give you a resale price point at no cost.    

Find a Reputable Timeshare Resale Broker

The best way to sell Disney points is by using a licensed timeshare resale broker who knows the market and can handle all aspects of the sale process. Brokers employ licensed agents who are technically real estate agents licensed in the state in which they operate. Because most Disney timeshare resorts are located in central Florida, look for one in the Sunshine State and specifically with an Orlando office.

Brokerage firms operate on a no upfront fee basis, working on commission and getting paid after a sale is closed. Sellers list their Disney points with an agent, who then promotes the points and works with other brokers to find a buyer. When a buyer is found, the agent negotiates on behalf of the seller until a sale is finalized. Paperwork is completed and signed off by both parties, and the deal is referred to a closing company to complete the sale.

Because resale brokers are regulated under state real estate laws, they are the only operators able to legally price timeshares and club points on the resale market, along with the resorts and the owners themselves. Agents specialize in different brands, so a broker will have a Disney specialist on staff who can assess the value of points on the resale market based the resort at which the points are deeded and based on previous sales.

Disney owners looking to sell their points can contact one of our agents at 877-624-6889 or by clicking here for a no cost consultation and learn the next steps needed to list their points for sale.



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