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How Fast Can I Sell My Disney (DVC) Points?

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Posted on July 29, 2021

Fortunately for Disney timeshare points owners, Disney points sell faster than just about any other product on the timeshare resale market. Disney fans are very loyal about their devotion to all things Disney, and the company’s ability to tie in its timeshare product with its entertainment empire has produced advantages for owners that simply cannot be matched by other timeshare operators.Disney Vacation Club logo

Due to the marketing and entertainment efforts of the company, Disney has created unparalleled demand for its theme parks and, by extension, its accommodation properties that work wonders for its Disney timeshare points programs. This demand is what makes it so fast to sell Disney points on the resale market.

That, and the price at which Disney points are listed to sell on the secondary market.

Who Can Price Disney Points?

Even with DVC points, never underestimate the desire for a buyer to look for the best deals possible on the resale market. Determining a fair, yet marketable price to sell Disney points is one of the major advantages in using the services of a licensed timeshare broker – since they are professionally licensed real estate agents that research the market for a living.

Pricing Disney timeshares can only be done legally in three ways:

1)     The Disney corporation - whether at the resorts or through other company sales avenues.

2)     Owners themselves - who choose to sell their Disney timeshare points on their own.

3)     Licensed timeshare resale brokers – since they are considered real estate agents licensed in their state of operation.

Obtaining a market value survey to estimate the value of your Disney points is a crucial starting point when preparing to sell your points. Get this wrong and it can significantly delay the process.

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Understand the Negotiation Process

Some people are just naturally gifted at negotiating deals. Others, not so much. Buyers know the power of negotiation on the resale market, since many will have honed their skills negotiating deals on other products.

Chances are that buyers are confident on the timeshare resale market because they understand the process and know they can get much better prices than going directly through Disney. This is another reason why using a licensed agent trained in negotiating tactics can make the difference in thousands of dollars going to the seller.

Get the Correct Information

Due to the variety of points amounts needed to stay at different Disney timeshare resorts, as well as the price differences which vary depending on the resort – it is imperative to get your ownership details correct prior to listing your Disney points for sale.

Disney can provide an owner with what is called a Vacation Points Activity Statement. The statement will clarify exactly what members own, the amount of points owned and the status of the member’s account.

Being as specific as you can with your ownership can help speed up the process. For example, offering only a 50-point package will realistically only attract existing Disney points owners looking to top up their existing accounts. This is because 50 points are too low to book much more than an off-peak, three day stay in a studio unit.

Disney Boardwalk villas timeshare resortThe more points you put up for sale, the more options and flexibility you provide to the prospective buyer. The key is to get the per-point price right, since the overall price for a stack of points can look expensive at a glance but can actually be a great deal compared with other sellers and points sold through Disney.

For instance, an owner who lists 125 Disney timeshare points for sale at BoardWalk Villas can see points advertised as low as $130 per point. This amount of points will give you a week’s vacation in a Deluxe Studio unit during most weeks of the year – including the summer vacation season.

Disney sells points deeded at BoardWalk Villas for $210 per point, so anyone looking for resale points will see the significant discounts on the resale market. For 125 points, that’s a saving of $10,000 when buying resale. Be sure to promote any advantage you have when selling your points.

Streamline the Process

Having Disney confirm your ownership details will also make the closing process quicker and smoother. The necessary steps will still have to be taken, such as estoppels and deed searches, but it’ll be easier if you begin with the accurate information.

Remember that Disney Vacation Club does not have an in-house resale department and recommends that sellers use a licensed timeshare resale broker to handle the process. This is for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Trust Factor – being licensed under state regulations offers a level of trust not available with other providers.
  • No Upfront Payments – brokers work on commission and only get paid after the sale.
  • Agents Do Everything – agents working for a broker handle the entire process from marketing to negotiating and preparing the paperwork.

Disney timeshare points have been known to sell within a couple of weeks and take as little as 30 days to close. If Disney points are priced and marketed properly, they can sell and be transferred to a new owner as fast as 45-60 days of listing them. This is important because the seller only gets their money after the sale is processed and closed by the closing company.

All of this information is why Disney timeshare owners really need to use the services of a timeshare broker such as Timeshare Broker Associates. For more information about how we can help, call 877-624-6889 or click here.



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