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Selling Your Disney Timeshare? Top 5 Tips You Need to Sell

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Posted on May 13, 2021

So, the pandemic seems to be slowing down and restrictions are easing across Florida, with Governor Ron DeSantis recently overriding local government restrictions in an effort to generate more economic activity.

Disney has taken notice, as the Disney theme parks will no longer take temperature checks of guests beginning this weekend. However, with reduced capacities continuing at resorts, the best way to get into Disney accommodation is with Disney Vacation Club ownership – all of which is good news for sellers looking to sell their Disney timeshare points.

Disney owners planning to sell their timeshare on the resale market can always use some tips of the trade to make the process as smooth as possible. Let’s take a look at the top 5 tips sellers should look for to sell a Disney timeshare.

Ask for an Updated Status from Disney

One of the first items to establish is the current status of your Disney timeshare points. Most Disney owners are savvy and understand what they own, but you will want to get confirmation of your status from Disney so you can present the most accurate information possible to a buyer.

To do this, reach out to the Disney customer service department and ask for a Vacation Points Activity Statement. Otherwise, if you already have a licensed agent that you are working with, you can give Disney written approval for your agent to request the statement on your behalf.

Because DVC points are attached to a deed at a specific resort, those points can only be sold in their entirety and not split up to be sold in lower quantities. While a seller may have a larger overall point total across different resorts, the number of points specific to a given deed must be sold in their entirety when put onto the resale market. Therefore, it is good to clarify your ownership with Disney.

Get a Market Value Survey

Because of the variety of Disney Vacation Club resorts in the network, it is difficult to assess a general average price for Disney timeshare points on the resale market. Depending on the resort, prices can go from $100 per point to over $200 per point, but some can be lower than the $100 threshold depending on the seller.

Even in the midst of the pandemic, Disney timeshare points hold their value remarkably well compared to other timeshare products. Recent sales of Disney points directly from Disney in April were reportedly at their highest levels in over a year, so demand is definitely returning for the program.

With all of the variables involved such as the number of points owned and the resort at which the points are deeded, it is important to get a professional assessment of the value of your points. This is where choosing a licensed timeshare resale broker is essential, since only licensed agents can legally price timeshare products on the resale market in the state of Florida, apart from the resort or the owner. A broker shouldn’t charge for a market value survey since they would be working on a no upfront fee basis.

Choose a Licensed Agent

Disney Vacation Club openly admits that they do not have an in-house resale department, nor do they make direct offers to buy back Disney timeshare points like the operations of some other brands. Therefore, it is up to the owner to choose the best method to sell your Disney timeshare points.

The good news is that Disney points have a relatively high resale value, but the issue is how to let consumers know they are available for sale.

Disney recommends the use of a licensed resale agent to sell Disney points due to the safeguards required of licensed real estate brokers. While timeshare brokers may specialize in timeshare resales, they are still regulated as real estate agents under state law and must abide by the relevant licensing and procedural requirements mandated by their state, such as escrow requirements.

In Florida, timeshare brokers work on a no upfront fee basis and are paid on commission after a sale due to state regulations. This is great peace of mind for sellers looking for a reputable company to help them sell their Disney timeshare. Agents also handle the negotiation and paperwork requirements, which for Disney involves items such as:

  • Submitting a signed purchase contract to Disney Vacation Club no less than 30 days from the closing date for review.
  • Documents sent to Disney to record the new member details of the buyer.
  • Working with Disney to ensure all payments and fees are up to date prior to the closing of the sale.

Brokers work with closing companies to make sure the entire process is as seamless as possible.

But first things, first. Finding the buyer would involve online marketing through website search engines to capture buyer traffic as well as working with a national network of resale brokers to match up sellers with buyers – similar to a traditional real estate sale.

Keep Your Account Up To Date

In order to sell a Disney timeshare, Disney requires that any loan taken out for the purchase of the timeshare points be paid off as well as all annual dues or maintenance fees be paid and up to date.

You should also make sure your contact details are up to date with Disney as well, so the approval process of the sale can proceed as quickly as possible. Disney may have an old phone number, email address or mailing address on file, so ensure that they have your correct details.

If you have already banked or reserved your points in the current use year, be aware they will be transferred to the buyer so make sure you use your points in your current use year if this matters to you. Otherwise, you can use this as a selling point so the buyer knows they can have the use of the points in the current use year.

Any reservations made by the seller need to be used before closing or they will be cancelled, including use within the RCI system. The anniversary date of the agreement will remain the same when the contract transfers to the buyer.

Be Patient

Even in the COVID era, Disney timeshares sell as quick, if not quicker, than just about any other timeshare resale on the market. Many sales take place within 30 days of listing Disney resale points, and with summer approaching and the pent-up demand for vacations, buyers will be looking for deals.

While the traveling public may be restless to get out on vacation, it is still wise for a Disney timeshare seller to be patient when it comes to finalizing a sale. This is, after all, timeshare and the approval process can take time – as much as 90 days in some cases due to areas such as the internal Disney verification and ROFR process, contract signings and closing company procedures.

If you have any questions about selling Disney timeshare points, our licensed agents can provide you with all the information you need in a no-cost consultation. Call 877-624-6889 or click here for more information.



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