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Sell Your Marriott Destination Points

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    Sell Marriott Vacation Club Points

    Marriott Vacation Club is one of the premier vacation club programs in the world, with over 60 resorts across the U.S. and selective destinations around the world. Whether it is a trip to chic South Beach, hitting the Colorado ski slopes or enjoying the wonders of Spain, Marriott Destination Points owners can count on a fantastic vacation with the world-renowned Marriott brand.

    But even with this wonderful program, points owners understand that the time eventually comes when you need to sell Marriott timeshare points.

    When the time comes to sell Marriott Vacation Club Destinations points, contact Timeshare Broker Associates for help through our inquiry form or read on below to see how we can help you.

    Sell Marriott Points with No Upfront Fees

    As a licensed real estate brokerage, we operate on a no upfront fee model to sell timeshare points and any other vacation ownership product. Our licensed agents only get paid on a commission basis after a sale is closed and the ownership is transferred to the new owner.

    We will consult with you as the owner and learn what your priorities are to sell your Marriott Vacation Club Destinations points. Our agents will prepare a listing agreement and promote your Marriott points online and through our network of timeshare resale brokers across the country.

    Once a buyer is found, we negotiate the deal and bring offers to you to either accept or counter until the deal is completed. We will handle the paperwork regarding the sale, take deposits to be placed in escrow and work with the closing company to close the deal. Once closed, you will be notified of the transfer of ownership and your proceeds from the sale will be sent to you.

    Various Reasons to Sell

    The reasons to sell Marriott Vacation Club points are nearly as varied as the product itself. Perhaps your children are grown and have moved away so you no longer vacation like you used to. Maybe your health or your finances have changed. The annual maintenance fees always seem to be going up with no end in sight, so why pay fees for something you no longer use?

    Like every product, there is an ownership cycle that eventually leads to a decision to sell. Whatever the reason, our agents will work on your behalf in order to sell your Marriott points.

    Experience is Important

    Our combined 75+ years of timeshare resale industry experience positions our agents perfectly to listen to your concerns and find a new owner for your Marriott Destination points.

    We understand the value of your points, how the Marriott program operates and the demand that exists in the marketplace. Let us help you by calling us on 877-624-6889 or filling out the form on this page and one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible.  

    Sell Your Marriott Destination Points

      What can we help you with?