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Is COVID Over For Timeshares?

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Posted on March 22, 2022

With COVID mandates being downgraded or lifted altogether seemingly by the day, is it a fair question to ask whether COVID is over for the timeshare industry? Perhaps not completely, but even the president admits that America is moving into a “living with COVID” phase, and this is reflected in moves by state and local jurisdictions across the country.

On Saturday, Hawaii will lift its indoor mask mandate, becoming the last state in America to do so after two years of strict COVID regulations. With its vaccination rate over 75 percent and related hospitalizations dropping, Governor David Ige announced the move even though some areas such as schools will still require masks to be worn indoors.

Such a move is certain to get Hawaii timeshare resorts thinking about whether they want to continue with masks and other COVID-related policies such as the closure of some amenities.

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New York City has lifted its indoor mask mandate and no longer requires proof of vaccination to enter restaurants, cultural and entertainment venues. Los Angeles County has also dropped its indoor mask mandate, although vax requirements are still in place for many businesses. Even Puerto Rico has lifted its mask mandates.

California ended its mask requirement earlier this month and, as of April 1, it will no longer require events to check for proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 tests to enter indoor events with 1,000 or more people.

So, is this trend trickling down to timeshare resorts?

Mask Regulations for Timeshares

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A quick glance at the major timeshare companies shows a continued emphasis on safe travel and hygiene procedures. Beyond that, most companies defer to CDC, state and local government rules for any mask mandate information. 

Marriott Vacation Club

For resorts in the U.S., USVI and Puerto Rico, masks are required for all unvaccinated owners and guests at each Marriott timeshare resort. However, there is no directive mentioned as to the resort’s ability to enforce this policy.

Marriott refers visitors to specific resort pages for further information, which then refers to relevant state and local government websites. Policies regarding Sheraton and Westin timeshares mirror Marriott, since Marriott owns resorts under both brands. Best to call and check with individual resorts for the latest information.

Club Wyndham

Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort Orlando

Wyndham is strongly encouraging everyone to wear a mask at its resorts but is also referring visitors to individual resort pages as well as state and local government sites for updated information. There does not appear to be an over-arching policy regarding wearing masks, regardless of vaccination status, and defers to local and state regulations.

WorldMark the Club

WorldMark has an excellent COVID-19 update page on its website featuring a table which shows whether or not individual timeshare resorts require masks. The page also refers to state and local sites for the latest information.

Keep in mind that resorts may still require masks to be worn, over and above current government policies. Case in point is that WorldMark indicates its Nevada resorts still require wearing masks even though the state of Nevada rescinded its mask mandate in February. As always, best to call individual resorts for the latest details.

Hilton Grand Vacations

Hilton is even more vague when it comes to specific resort mask policies, sticking to its Hilton CleanStay information but including a generic reference for owners and guests to follow local and state regulations and CDC requirements.

The Travel Alert page is somewhat better with references to state and local government pages, but resort pages make no reference to COVID policies or referrals for further details. Hopefully this is an indication that Hilton has moved on from restrictions but give your resort a call just to make sure.

Disney Vacation Club

Disney Polynesian Bungalows

Disney does a really good job on its homepage and resort pages highlighting COVID-related page links. Keep in mind they only have to track four states (Florida, California, Hawaii and South Carolina) and Florida banned vaccine mandates last year.  

The DVC Orlando properties are abiding by the Disney World mask policy here, but the resorts cannot enforce the policy among the unvaccinated due to state law. With the California and Hawaii rules changing this month and South Carolina banning mask mandates last year, it looks like Disney timeshare owners are in the clear. But check with your resort first before tossing them.

Capital Vacations

Capital has a page on its website detailing the CDC recommendations from last June which states mask wearing is not recommended for the fully vaccinated. Otherwise, there is no information currently available regarding Capital’s COVID policies. Check directly with your resort for details.

Bluegreen Vacations

Bluegreen mentions a travel advisory page on its homepage which advises that masks may be required and links to its primary mask information page.

Resorts are listed based on whether they require face coverings, but some of this may be outdated information. For example, Bluegreen Club 36 in Las Vegas is listed as requiring masks, but the mask mandate was lifted in Vegas in February. Resorts may be implementing their own policies, so check directly with them.

Diamond Resorts

Diamond Resorts Grande Villas

Diamond is currently managed by Hilton following Hilton’s acquisition of Diamond last year, so it is not surprising that Diamond’s policy on its travel update page mirrors that of the Hilton text. Visitors are asked to check with state and local governments for the latest regulations.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Holiday Inn has one of the clearest statements in the industry on its Safe Travels page regarding its COVID policies. They encourage, but do not require, face coverings but acknowledge that local rules may require them so they refer to the individual resort. HICV also states that they do not require proof of vaccination or negative COVID tests to stay at their resorts.

Westgate Resorts

Westgate details its WestgateCARES health and safety protocols and states that masks are not required for anyone outdoors or for fully vaccinated guests while indoors. They recommend masks and ask that unvaccinated guests wear them indoors but will operate on an honor system.

This policy was implemented last May and mask policies have not been updated on its most recent travel advisory page. Reference is made to individual resorts for more details and safety protocols can be downloaded from individual resort pages. However, this information may be outdated, as the download for Westgate Las Vegas states a mask requirement even though, as mentioned earlier, Vegas mandates have been lifted.

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