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Top 15 Most Popular Timeshare Brands in 2021

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Posted on January 14, 2022

With the new year always comes the top lists from the previous year, and timeshare is no exception.

Most timeshare owners know that the major hospitality companies have been involved in the timeshare industry for decades, with Marriott being the first to enter the arena in 1984. But have you ever wondered how they stack up in the eyes of the consumer?

We’ve taken a look at our offers placed through our system by consumers looking to buy a timeshare in 2021 and ranked the top 15 most popular timeshare brands based on this feedback. Keep in mind that some companies own or operate more than one brand under their corporate umbrella, so this isn’t necessarily a ranking of the best companies, but the brands that consumers engage with.

Announcing The Top 15 Most Popular Timeshare Brands

It’s time to take a look at the timeshare brands that consumers want to be a part of, listed in descending order to count down to the most popular:

15) Westin Vacation Club – part of the Vistana Signature Experiences program owned by Marriott, Westin timeshare resorts are a more exclusive network with resorts in places such as Maui, Kauai, Palm Springs, and St. John. Some of the most sought-after resorts come under the Westin brand, such as Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort.

14) Disney Vacation Club – this position isn’t a reflection of the lack of demand for DVC products, but more a case of the lack of product available on the resale market. Disney is one of the most popular timeshare programs on the planet, and owners have legendary loyalty to the DVC points program, thereby keeping their ownership longer than most clubs. This is one reason why it’s wise to contact a licensed agent and let them do the searching for you.

Disney has a total of 16 resorts in its system, primarily in Orlando and connected to the Disney World theme parks that have revolutionized the tourism industry. No other timeshare brand in the world can offer such a coupling of entertainment and hospitality products.

Disney Beach Club Villas

13) Westgate Resorts – the largest privately held timeshare operator in the world has 23 resorts in its program in leading destinations like Las Vegas, New York City, Park City, Miami Beach, Myrtle Beach and Branson as well as Orlando. The Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino is one of the very few timeshare resorts in Vegas that has an onsite casino. With the onsite live entertainment, restaurants and bars, it has everything you need.

12) Vacation Village Resorts – this is primarily due to the popularity of the wonderful Grandview at Las Vegas resort, but Vacation Village has a number of resorts under management in destinations such as Williamsburg, Orlando, the mountains of Virginia and western Massachusetts. It sometimes flies under the radar but has over 40 resorts in its network and has been in business for 40 years. 

11) Capital Vacations – a relative newcomer to the timeshare marketplace, the Capital Vacations name has only been around since 2018 but the company is loaded with experienced timeshare industry veterans that know how to create a quality vacation experience. With timeshare management experience dating back to 1979, most of the resorts in its system are former Defender Resorts and SPM Resorts, which were acquired by Capital a few years ago.

Now there are about 70 resorts in the Capital Vacations’ network in top locales like St Thomas, St Maarten, the Florida Keys, Branson, Ocean City, Myrtle Beach and the Outer Banks. Plus, with 13 resorts in Florida, you’ll be able to stay nearly anywhere in the Sunshine State.   

Bluebeard's Castle Resort St Thomas

10) Welk Resorts – now this gets interesting since Welk was obtained by Marriott last year. The Welk hospitality business was started by legendary band leader Lawrence Welk in 1964 with a motel and a nine-hole golf course near San Diego. The business had been in the Welk family since then, as Welk turned his attention to timeshare in 1985 with the Welk Resorts brand. The resorts are known for their quality accommodation and emphasis on numerous onsite activities such as golf courses, spa, multiple swimming pools, recreation centers, restaurants and live theater entertainment.

Welk Resorts can be found at Lake Tahoe, Palm Springs, Cabo, Breckenridge and Branson in addition to its flagship San Diego location. However, Marriott has announced that the resorts are to be rebranded into the Hyatt Residence Club, so we’ll see what happens

9) Hilton Grand Vacations – already known worldwide for its quality hotel accommodations, Hilton has developed amazing timeshare resorts ever since it entered the space in 1992. With destinations across the U.S., Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Barbados, Japan and Mexico there are amazing vacations at your fingertips. Urban experiences in places like New York City, Chicago and Washington D.C. combine with the beaches of Florida, Hawaii and South Carolina plus the mountains of Colorado and Utah to provide a great variety of experiences.

Hilton Parc Soleil Resort

8) Bluegreen Vacations – Bluegreen caters to the domestic U.S. vacation market with 44 resort destinations across 20 states in its network. Over 220,000 owners are part of the Bluegreen vacation club, which operates on a points platform which allows members to vacation across its resort network. Urban vacations in New Orleans, Chicago, and New York combine with amazing beaches, the history of Williamsburg and St Augustine and the White Mountains of New Hampshire to give you a taste of what you can experience.